For all those wondering about what exactly do the words “metabolic syndrome” in the title of this article mean, they represent a group of conditions such as high blood pressure and blood sugar, high levels of fat (especially around the waist) and abnormal levels of cholesterol.

These conditions raise the chances of developing heart diseases such as diabetes and stroke. Many times, obesity and smoking are a major cause of the metabolic syndrome or, better known as pre-diabetes.

Patients suffering from these imbalances are given various tablets. They are asked to lose weight, get some exercise and avoid the intake of fats that raise the triglyceride levels.

Many allopathic medicines are known to have side effects. Hence there is a requirement for a source of medication that acts quickly, has lesser or no side effects and can be used for long periods of time.

Then came the research about Aloe Vera. The plant has been found to revert the impaired fasting glucose and as well as impaired glucose tolerance. It has been found to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and glucose in the blood. A study has managed to prove these facts; as you would be reading below.

What happened in the study?

The study was double-blind, as neither the experimenter nor the subjects knew about receiving the treatment. It was also placebo controlled; implying that there was a null group or a control group of subjects who did not receive any effect of the treatment.

A total of 45 subjects were taken and divided into groups of 15; hence making a total of 3 groups. The study was carried out over an 8-week period. Each of the subjects was pre-diabetic along with two more features of the metabolic syndrome. However, those on medication for diabetes, pregnant or allergic to Aloe Vera were excluded.

Two different products of Aloe Vera were given to two of the groups, the third being the placebo group. The first product was called UP780 (it is just a chromone), the gel powder of Aloe vera which contained 2% of aloesin(an aloe vera resin) . Just like the “cells” are the structural and functional units of all living organisms. Similarly, a chromone is the fundamental unit of the plant pigments.

The second product was called AC952 (which was without a chromone). The subjects from the two groups were given 500mg capsules of the two products and were asked to take one capsule twice a day. The placebo capsules were also given to the placebo group, and the subjects were asked to take the tablet twice daily.

The subjects were asked to maintain a normal diet and exercise for about 100 minutes per week. They were also asked to take the capsules regularly. They were asked to refrain themselves from weight loss programs and dietary supplements. At the end of 8 weeks, fasting blood glucose was tested as glucose tolerance tests were carried out.

Various other tests were also carried out including complete blood count, liver function tests, lipid profile and HbA1c (checks the amount of glucose in the blood). Urine tests were carried out to check the oxidative stress, which is a marker used to establish the damage caused by diabetes.

What were the results?

In the first group where UP780 was used, there was a significant reduction in HbA1c which was indicative of control that had been established over the blood-glucose levels. This group also showed a decrease in the oxidative stress.

In the second group, where AC952 was used, there was a significant decrease in the total cholesterol levels as well as Low-Density Cholesterol.

These results were significant as compared to the placebo group and there were no side effects that occurred.

How did this occur?

Aloesin is an antioxidant and relieves oxidative stress.

Aloe Vera is capable of interaction with insulin. It stimulates the synthesis of insulin from the pancreatic cells. After insulin is released, the blood sugar levels can easily decrease.

There are substances in Aloe vera gel, called “phytosterols” that bind to cholesterol and prevent its absorption.

Aloe vera gel reduces the expression of lipid and fat-related genes, thereby reducing the insulin resistance as the liver is saved from the toxic effects of lipids.

What does this mean?

Aloe vera has been proven to have a marvelous effect on the metabolic syndrome. It has no side effects, and it can bring about a significant difference in a matter of 8 weeks! It is fascinating how a single plant can combat so many problems at once! What do you think?!

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