Advertising Disclosure

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2019 strives to provide great and reliable information to our readers including consumers who want to learn about various health /wellness products such as supplements, oils, creams etc.

We take a lot of care to deliver honest and unbiased reviews to our readers.

Running a website and paying for comprehensive research is expensive. We support our efforts by Ads and linking to companies we have relations with including e-commerce firms (such as Amazon) and firms involved in development of health products.

These relationships also allow us to continue to grow and expand as a website, conduct in-depth research, and publish awesome content. But be assured, our professional relationships never influence the reviews, rankings that appear on our site.

Our policy is - You as a reader should "NEVER" pay a cent for our content.

In order to ensure full transparency with our readers, we’d like to disclose our Ad and affiliate relationships below:

1) Affiliate relationships with -
2) Pay per Click relation with Google (Adsense)
3) Pay per Click relation with Yahoo & Bing Ad Network (

We would like to clearly highlight that - we have not received (nor will be in future) any financial payment from companies in exchange for featuring their products in reviews or rankings.

However, we may receive free products from companies that are used for research purposes. Receiving these products does not influence our editorial content, nor does it guarantee a favorable review for the product or the seller/manufacturer.

We keep this page updated for any new relationships in the future.

In case of any queries, please feel free to get back to us by email at - contact [at] or just fill the contact form