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Thanks to our busy lifestyle and not so optimal food choices, our body is deficient of many of the important nutrients needed for its functioning.

That is where supplements come in.

Supplements play an important part in today's world they not only help in making up for the deficiencies but also help in tackling several health issues without relying on medicines.

Extensive research has proven that supplements can be of great assistance in most common disorders such as arthritis, pain, sleep issues, digestive problems, skin problems and many more.

But there are two problems.

Firstly, supplements products are not tested / checked / approved by FDA individually and thus there are a large number of spurious supplement brands around.

Secondly, supplements with no apparent benefit may be hyped to solve health issues. This is very common in case of weight Management related supplements.

At we are trying to solve both these problems by handpicking the best supplements and also providing "real scientific" evidence using research studies what that supplement can be used for.

How we are different

Thus all our articles have three KEY sections: 


Health Benefits section

This section is written by an experienced writer with a relevant degree explores the "proven" health benefits of a supplement. We even give, which benefits are proven and which need more research.


top supplement list

by using various parameters to ascertain quality, we come up with a list of top brands for a supplement


FAQs - How to use, PRECAUTIONS, etc.

We address frequently asked questions such as dosage, side effects, drug interactions, precautions and more in this section. This ensures that you can avoid taking supplements in case there is a possibility of drug interaction or risk of side effect

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