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Paleolithic Diet
The concept of a time machine dates back to 1888 or so.And this hypothetical concept is very appealing; after all racing back and forth in time, changing things and knowing events in advance would be so powerful.We don’t know how far has science progressed with respect to this concept but the field of nutrition has definitely gone back a...
Mediterranean Diet And Obesity
Mediterranean diet has received a lot of attention from researchers and nutritionists due to low prevalence of diseases in people consuming it.Mediterranean diet is considered as a nutritional model or rather a pattern of eating than a just a literal ‘diet’.This is because Mediterranean diet refers to a number of different diets followed by people living in countries bordering...
Atkins Diet
Diet wars are extremely unpredictable.The argument just does not stop on which macronutrient is good for us but also extends to the type of macronutrient (eg: bad fats v/s good fats).The ‘fat makes us fat’ notion lost importance when low-fat diets didn’t seem to curb obesity and the new fad that emerged was low carb diets.Atkins diet is a...