Making Coconut Oil Pack at Home

Oil packs have been common to treat various disorders and provide nutritional value to the body. The key difference it is done topically. There are several oil packs you can make e.g. castor oil packs are one of the most popular ones.

Did you know you can also use coconut oil and make a coconut oil pack? Yes! Coconut oil has great health promoting properties even when applied topically and thus it makes a great oil pack. When applied over abdomen area coconut oil is absorbed into lymphatic system and it provides several benefits to body. Lymphatic system of our body is responsible for various important functions such as transportation of fatty acids, transporting white blood cells, removal of interstitial fluid from tissues, to name a few.

When coconut oil is absorbed in our lymphatic system it provide these benefits:

  • Healing : healing of internal injuries, swelling and inflamed joints
  • Considered helpful in treating various disorders such as headaches, intestine related problems, digestive issues, stones, urinary system issues, liver disorders etc.
  • Detox : It helps in cleaning our body of toxins
  • Provide nourishment : Nutrients - vitamins and minerals present in coconut oil provide nourishment to our body.

So how can we make this coconut oil pack ?

It is very easy indeed. The stuff needed for this pack are:

  • coconut oil
  • hot water bottle / bag / pouch
  • old towels
  • plastic sheet
  • cotton flannel

Applying coconut oil pack

If you have worked with an oil pack before you would find it very similar to it. Just the oil changes here. Here are the steps of applying the pack

  • Heat coconut oil till it becomes warm. Make sure the oil is warm and not hot. Hot oil can harm your skin and even burn it.
  • Fold the cotton flannel and make it three layers thick. We would be using this a source to apply coconut oil pack. The size of the flannel should fit your abdomen area. Not too large and not too small.
  • Lie down on your back and keep a cushion below your knees. Soak flannel into warm oil and then apply it to your abdomen area. There is one simple precaution to be taken hare - do not soak it excessively else oil will keep dripping and spoil your bed. As precautionary measure put 1-2 old towels below your body to avoid dripping.
  • Cover flannel with plastic sheet and then put hot water bags / bottle over it. The reason behind this is very simple - we have to keep the oil warm and as we do not want to change the flannel again and again we use warm water bags / bottles.
  • Keep this oil pack for an hour or so. In between if you feel the warmth of water has faded replace the warm bottles (do not do it yourself, ask someone else).

Once done remove everything. There will be coconut oil sticking to your skin when you remove the pack, just massage it over gently. Do not throw the flannel. It can be used again by adding more oil to it. Store it in a plastic container and not a metal one.

I have used coconut oil pack several times and find it great of general body pain and swelling. If you have not tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Coconut oil pack can be used daily or at a frequency you feel best for your body.

Do comment if you have used coconut oil pack and what do you feel about it!

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