Bee pollen is an extremely nutritious supplement that contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and trace elements. It comes from plant pollen and is collected by bees.

Studies conducted on the benefits of bee pollen have found that it has powerful therapeutic benefits since it contains all the essential nutrients and is a complete food.

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Bee pollen is different from honey, bee venom, royal jelly or honeycomb. It is available in health food stores as raw granules, tablets or capsules (supplements).

Besides these supplements that can be orally ingested, there are many skin care products that contain bee pollen.

Bee pollen is used to control allergies and asthma, stomach problems, alcoholism, reduce the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, and enhance athletic performance by increasing energy and stamina.

Other benefits of taking bee pollen supplements are improved sexual function, treatment for various prostate problems, for a wide range of infections, multiple sclerosis, increase sperm count, treat gastric ulcers, constipation and colitis.

There are many bee pollen supplements available and apart from health food stores, they can be purchased online too. It is very important to select a good quality supplement.

Many of the bee pollen supplements available may not contain adequate active ingredients to provide noteworthy benefits. This is because supplements do not come under any government (FDA) regulation.

Even with quality supplements, bee pollen is structured such that, of the active ingredients, only 5% get absorbed by the body. This is because it contains a hard-to-digest outer shell.

This is why you must select a supplement that contains additional nutrients that help digest this shell and release the active ingredients for absorption by the body.

All products contain the recommended dosage mentioned on the label. You can look for organic bee pollen powder that contains added nutrients.

Popular Bee Pollen Brands – Online

best bee pollen brands

Durham’s Bee Farm Inc has ‘Pure Natural Bee Pollen Granules’ in packages of 8oz. It contains all 22 essential nutrients and is pure, natural, and comes straight from the beehive to the consumer.

All these nutritional elements are required by the body to maintain optimum vitality. The RDA for this product is usually about 1 tablespoon. All customers who purchased this product say that it is clean, fresh, and tastes wonderful.

It can be mixed with smoothies and can be taken by children as well. One customer even gave it to his canaries.   Apart from natural raw bee pollen, Durham’s Bee Farm also has Royal Jelly and Bee propolis capsules.

C.C Pollen: This Company has bee pollen granules, capsules and tablets in different quantities. ‘CC Pollen – Pollen Granules’ is available in 1lb tin.

It is a pure and natural product and harvested from diverse geographical locations to ensure a balanced nutritional profile.

Throughout the collection, packaging and storing processes, the product is refrigerated. This ensures that all the enzymes, vitamins, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, trace minerals and phytosterols remain bioactive.

Customers who have tried this product have different views. Some say that it is of good grade, has a mellow and sweet flavor typical of desert harvested bee pollen and can be mixed with morning smoothies or fruit juices.

Some say that the smell is wonderful but the taste is not so good. Most customers say that they felt good and full of energy after taking the supplement.

Good’n Natural has a ‘Bee Pollen Complex’ supplement that comes in 500mg bottles which contain 100 tablets. This product not only contains bee pollen but also Royal Jelly and bee propolis. This dietary supplement is an excellent source of nutrients.

Nature’s Way has ‘Bee Pollen Capsules’ in bottles of 180 capsules. This product is used by those on a diet, athletes and others who require energy boosters since they lead an active lifestyle. It is made using premium sources from China and Europe. One customer review states that it is a versatile multi-vitamin that provides value for money.

Xtendlife gives you ‘Natural Energy with New Zealand Bee Pollen’. This is made using organic pure bee pollen with a mechanism to release 95% active ingredients.

It contains bee pollen collected from a pristine environment in NZ without any contaminants and no industrial factories nearby.

Natural Energy bee pollen comes mixed with synergistic enzymes that release active ingredients into the body. The product is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve all its nutrients.

Once it reaches the factory, it is made into a powder and blended with enzymes in a 5-day process after which it sealed and encapsulated. Customers are satisfied with this product with many reporting reduction in colds and flu and others reporting boost of energy.

How to select bee pollen supplements

To enjoy the various benefits provided by bee pollen supplements, it is important to know how to select the right product.

There are many bee pollen supplements available in the market and most of them do not contain sufficient active ingredients.

Hence, they do not provide the necessary benefits. This is partly because herbal supplements do not have government regulation.

Hence, it is up to the customer to choose the right product. Bee pollen crystals have a protective shell around them and this is not digestible.

Therefore, even with high-grade bee pollen supplements, the body absorbs only 5% of the active ingredients. There are supplements that come with nutrients, which can naturally dissolve the protective shell and release more of the active bee pollen ingredients.

Bee pollen also acts better with certain other vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Organic bee pollen powder is a good supplement if it contains added nutrients. Take the right dosage that will be mentioned on the label.

Precautions while choosing bee pollen supplements

We need to exercise precaution when consuming bee pollen supplements since there are some side effects that we can experience.

Allergic reactions are common to bee pollen products especially if you have a history of allergies.

These include sneezing, itching, headaches and swelling of the body. Anyone who has allergies to honey, bee stings, chrysanthemum, and ragweed must not take bee pollen products.

There are some who do suffer severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

This causes swelling of the airways, tongue, throat, and face. It is a life-threatening condition and anyone who suffers from these symptoms must stop using bee pollen at once and call emergency services immediately.

Bee pollen supplements can also cause gastrointestinal side effects like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Always remember to consult your doctor before including new supplements like bee pollen in your diet.

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What to do?

There are many other bee pollen products available online. Check recommended dosage and always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.


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