5 Benefits of Argan Oil For Male Infertility & Health

Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree (Argania spinosa).

It is natively associated with the semi-arid region of Morocco land. The oil has a unique oil profile which has been benefiting the humans or years.

This Moroccan oil has been used to enhance the beauty and to provide vibrant and glowing skin to Mediterranean women. It is used as hydrating and softening agent for hair, face, and body. This oil protects skin from UV rays.

Despite this, it also has several health benefits as well. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and also reduces premature aging.

Few studies have found this miraculous oil improves digestion and also reduces cholesterol.

Male infertility is a kind of creative problem associated with poor quantity and quality of sperm.

The sperm count below 20 million per ml is considered to be a low count. Sperms with less than 60% motility may suffer from some motility.

There are several reasons for infertility: genetics, occupational, biological, exposure, etc. here we are more concern with natural causes.

Diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, stress, hypertension and poor diet contribute to infertility in man.

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Benefits of Argan Oil For Male health

This Oil is a rich source of Tocopherols and phenols. Tocopherols are the precursor of anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-sterility hormone – Vitamin E. the oil contains phenols like catechol, caffeic acid, oleuropein, and resorcinol.

Argan oil contains essentials fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid. Stearic acid, palmitic acid, and linolenic acids are also found in the smaller quantities which adds on to the benefits list. Triterpenoids, saponins are a precursor of all steroids.

Benefits of Argan Oil For Male Infertility & Health

1. It reduces cholesterol level

A higher level of cholesterol drastically affect the spermatozoa. Sperms become less viable and motile. High level of cholesterol can impair fertility.

Phenolic compounds inhibit the oxidation of Low-density lipids (bad cholesterol) whereas it reverses the transport of High-density lipids (good cholesterol) and increases its level.

This suppresses the super-oxide driven reaction and interrupts the propagation of oxidative damage. This explains the protective nature of phenols in lowering cholesterol.

The rare sterols in the Moroccan oil have brought a reduction in liver and plasma cholesterol levels and also modulated cholesterol excretion.

What does this mean? This means phenolic components of argan oil help in reducing the cholesterol level and increase fertility.

2. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

A study by Stanford Medicine states that infertile males are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease than normal males. According to the research low level of circulation of testosterone is the reason.

It has been found that due to damage in artery by atherosclerosis can affect several organs especially the male reproductive organ.

The high content of linolenic acid, oleic acid and phenol are considered as essential elements of the daily diet. These metabolites are found protective against cardio-vascular diseases.

Animal studies have shown that argan oil has drastically brought a reduction in blood pressure. This can be attributable to tochopherol present in the oil.

What does this mean? This implies that argan oil use reduces the blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis and protects heart health. Good vascular health can reduce the risk factors for male infertility.

3. It reduces the risk of obesity

Obesity or higher body mass index than 30 has found to decrease testosterone level and inhibit the process of spermatogenesis (formation of sperms).

As we already know that severe hypotestosteronemia (low levels of testosterone) leads to infertility.

It has also been found that body mass index is directly proportional to incidences of erectile dysfunction.

Obesity having a direct relationship with infertility suggests that infertility can be reduced by reducing obesity.

In a study, it has been confirmed that argon oil consumption significantly increases the paraoxonase 1 activities and Tocopherols when compared with fish oil, linseed oil and sunflower oil. This further decreases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

The oil reduces the metabolic effects of obesity by bringing a reduction in metabolism of lipoprotein.

It replenishes insulin resistance and restores better blood sugar control. It also decreases glucose absorption in the intestine. Rare sterols: schottenol and spinasterol found in oil are responsible for the anti-diabetic effect.

What does this mean? Argan oil boosts antioxidant defenses and reduces insulin resistance. Thus it counteracts obesity’s adverse effects on metabolic health and combats another risk factor for infertility.

4. It restores hormone imbalance

Unbalanced lifestyles cause hormone imbalance. Stress, improper diet, alcohol consumption, excess weight gain can alter hormone homeostasis.

Stress can decrease testosterone levels which can lead to loss of libido.

Similarly, alcohol consumption can lower down the level of testosterone. Abnormalities in sleep and circadian variation also influence testosterone level.

Argan oil positively influence androgen and increases the level of testosterone. It restores the disturbed omega-6 to omega-3. Argan oil can increase the testosterone by 19.9% whereas olive oil can increase the level by 16.7%.

Triterpenoids found in argan oil are the precursor of every steroid hence consuming Argan oil facilitates the production of testosterone and other hormones.

What does this mean? Argan oil consumption can increase testosterone levels and benefit in male infertility.

5. It protects against cancer and inflammation

Prostate cancer, penile cancer, and testicular cancer are cancers affecting the male group. They are more prone to cancers like lung cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancers.

Cancer in reproductive organs alters the level of male hormone and decreases male libido.

Secondly, cytotoxic therapies and radiotherapies indirectly affect male fertility. Azoospermia, a condition in which no sperms are produced can also arise after cancer treatments.

Argan oil has been known for its chemopreventive action. Squalene found in oil protects the skin against skin cancer. It is also responsible for excretion of cancer causing agents in various animal models.

Anti-oxidant properties of triterpenoids destroy the free radical levels. These free radicals can mutate healthy cells and can cause cancer.

Epidemiological studies have suspected that argan oil can cease cell proliferation of cancerous cells but no clinical trials studies are known till date.

It can inhibit ornithine decarboxylase or nitric oxide synthase. These two enzymes are overexpressed in prostate cancer.

Anti-inflammatory nature suppresses tumor growth and prevents cancerous growth.

What does this mean? This means that the use of argan oil reduces the risk of developing cancer. It also reduces toxic effects of conventional cancer therapy on male reproductive health.


There is no specific dose of argan oil prescribed for male health or infertility. 1-2 tsp of the oil can be included as part of the daily diet.

Now argan oil is available in capsule form which contains 1-2 ml of oil. The oil should be used for at least 30 days to see the benefits.


Argan oil should be stored in a cool dry place. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided. It can hamper the potency of the oil.

There are several adulterated products available in the market, one needs to be careful while buying the oil. It’s not necessary that 100% claimed oils are actually pure.

People who are allergic to nut should avoid its use. Argan oil should not be used for prolonged frying. It should be consumed uncooked (directly or salad dressing) or fry for a short time.


Argan oil has marvelous therapeutic properties.

The high content of fatty acid and tocopherols in oil attribute to the health benefits like anti-diabetic, anti-proliferative, anti-sebum, anti-obesity, anti-aging, hepato-protective, etc.

Biological factors responsible for male infertility like cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, hormone imbalance, cancer, and obesity can be improved by consuming Argan oil on a daily basis.

This oil stimulates the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone and contributes to male fertility.

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