Coconut Oil and Homocysteine Levels

Homocysteine is an amino acid and that too a common one. It is one the building block of proteins. Homocysteine is found in our blood. This is now known to be one of the important independent factors causing heart disorders.

Recent studies have related high Homocysteine levels (hyperhomocysteinemia ) to higher risk of coronary heart disease. High levels of this amino are also related to other heart disorders such as - atherosclerosis (where fat deposit on arteries and block them and stopping supply of blood), stroke, fat deposition in peripheral arteries. Certain studies indicate that high Homocysteine levels in our blood damage the inner lining of our arteries and thus blood clots happen. Unfortunately while high homocysteine levels can have adverse effects on heart there is no inexpensive and widely available test to check its levels.

Natural way of Decreasing homocysteine levels

Our body acquires homocysteine from metabolic breakdown of methionine. We get this amino acid from our food, especially meat. Liver acts as a controller of homocysteine levels by converting homocysteine back into methionine and other forms. But in case of a genetic effect in liver called as Homocystinuria, it cannot metabolize homocysteine and thus its level keeps rising.

Certain vitamins are found to be very effective in controlling the homocysteine levels in our blood. The relation between these is not 100% proved but it is known to exist. These vitamins are - B6, B12 and folate. What these vitamins do is to promote the enzymes that metabolize homocysteine. Studies have shown that low intake of these vitamins is often accompanied by high homocysteine levels. Thus intake of these vitamins can be of great help in keeping check at homocysteine levels.

How coconut oil helps with homocysteine levels

Coconut Oil and Homocysteine Levels

You must be wondering what will coconut oil do here ? Let me explain. The recommended way of getting these vitamins is through fresh fruits and vegetables. But nourishment of not all food we eat is absorbed by our body, in many cases inspite of eating all the good fruits and vegetables our body remain malnourished. This is where nutrient absorption assisting properties of coconut help. Coconut oil helps in proper absorption of nutrients such as B vitamins and folate which in turn help in checking homocysteine levels.

Thus, while the benefit of coconut oil for high homocysteine levels is indirect but it is there.

How to take coconut oil?

Next question is how should you include coconut oil so that you get its benefits ? There are numerous ways of doing this. You can take virgin coconut oil directly (orally) or include coconut oil as your cooking oil.

You also get coconut oil when you eat raw coconut and also when you drink natural coconut milk. Thus any of the above methods should give you coconut oil. The recommended dosage varies based on lots of factors but approx 3-3.5 tbps of coconut oil is good enough for body.

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