How to Treat Stretch Marks with Dermaroller 

Stretch marks or striae are pink, red or white lines or marks that can be seen on the stomach, breasts, upper arms, hips, and thighs and eventually fade to white color marks.

Stretch marks are most commonly observed in pregnant women, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy, due to hormonal changes (teenagers).

All stretch marks don’t look like, neither they give the same appearance to all people. This is because of the different skin types.

Hence, the common variations in the stretch marks observed are-

  1. Indentation of lines or marks
  2. Pink, red or purple marks
  3. The matured form may be off-white, grey or white

Anyone can be prone to getting stretch marks, but some factors increase the likelihood of getting the marks-

  • Being female
  • Having a family history of getting stretch marks
  • Being obese or overweight
  • During pregnancy, during last trimesters
  • Using corticosteroid medicine
  • Excessive and rapid gain or loss of weight

Dermaroller Treatment for Stretch Marks

Dermarollers are used widely as a treatment for stretch marks these days, generally done by professionals.

It is a type of collagen induction therapy. It is also known as micro- needling or skin needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT).

The technique was used in ancient times by people for maintaining young and glowing skin.

The dermaroller is actually made of a tiny, solid wheel connected to a small supporting stick that makes it move forward and backward on the face for treatment of stretch marks by selecting small portions of the skin.

The roller is covered with minute medically sterilized needles that enter the skin, leading to a lot of minute micro-injuries.

The real treatment begins when the skin responds by stimulating the formation of extra collagen fibers to treat these punctures, which helps in plumping up the skin again and stimulates the blood supply again, due to which stretch marks get improved.

The hands, back, stomach, neck, and chest are the common areas where dermaroller treatment can be performed.

Generally, 1.0mm needles are used for stretch marks on thighs, stomach, and back whereas, 5. mm needles are used for treating stretch marks on arms and chest.

The best about using dermaroller is that it creates holes or punctures on the skin or the affected part, but these holes close within an hour without leaving a tension of absorbing any dirt.

The treatment is known to cause some pain, but the results are shown to be positive. But treatment can take a few weeks or sessions to show complete results.

How to Treating Stretch Marks with Dermaroller 

Procedure for dermaroller treatment

  1. Anesthesia is given before the treatment, to make it comfortable.
  2. The skin roller is then moved during the treatment, multiple times over the stretch marked area.
  3. Skin needling is used to treat stretch marks with lesser risks of changes in skin pigmentation, that is commonly visible in laser treatment.
  4. For optimal results, 3-5 sittings are required.

Suitable patients for skin needling

The dermaroller treatment can be used to treat patients with the problem of stretch marks and also aids in improving skin smoothness and tightening, with any complexion ranging from fair to dark complexion and for any skin type.

It is not performed for those people with cuts, wounds or sun-burns. But, it gives an advantage over laser treatment that it has lesser risks for change in skin pigmentation.

Benefits with dermaroller treatment

Following are the benefits of dermaroller treatment

  1. This treatment not only stimulates the healing process of skin but serves an advantage that it increases absorption of creams and oils, making them be more effective now.
  2. It is one of the most affordable ways of removing stretch marks easily.
  3. The treatment also gives a benefit that it increases skin tightening also.
  4. One more benefit that the treatment provides is that the treatment can be performed on any skin type or complexion.
  5. It is also known to make skin smooth and glowing, and increase the absorptive power of the skin.

Side effects or limitations with dermarollers

Along with the benefits, the treatment also has certain limitations or side effects. They are:

  1. Dermaroller cannot be used if the skin is sun-burnt or has open cuts and wounds.
  2. Rolling hundreds of pins on the body is a painful process, so the pain has to be tolerated.
  3. Some redness is observed for few hours after the treatment is done, but is normal.
  4. The use of dermaroller is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Precautions while going for dermaroller treatment

One has to be cautious while going for dermaroller treatment.

Pre - treatment

  1. Apply sunscreen at regular intervals prior to the treatment.
  2. Tel your dermatologist, if you are taking some important some medication.
  3. Do not apply any other oil or creams, 2 days prior to the treatment.

On the day of dermarolling

  1. Do not apply any cosmetics on the day of treatment.
  2. Ask your dermatologist to used sterilized needles of dermaroller. Using already used needles could lead to cross - infections.

Post treatment

  1. Do not apply any creams or oil for a week after treatment.
  2. Take a gap of 3-4 weeks for the next session of treatment.
  3. Use sunscreen regularly, and avoid direct exposure to sun.
  4. Do not take sunbath, sauna or steam bath for a few weeks after the treatment.
  5. After the treatment, moisturize your face after every 6 hours with a good moisturizer for next 3-4 days.


The basic dermaroller technique has been used since ages for glowing and smooth skin.

In current avatar, the procedure includes a dermaroller with minute micro-needles, which is moved forth and back on the area affected with stretch marks, which leads to the micro-injuries on that area and the skin then responds to this by producing excess collagen to heal these injuries or punctures, which plumps up the skin and stimulates the blood circulation.

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  1. I'm a young female teenager and I have stretch marks in my inner thighs and the back of my knee. Me and my mom are trying to treat my SM with oils and lotion but it doesn't work. I quit swimming because of this.
    We're considering of undergoing laser treatment but its expensive. Is it okay if I try dermaroller? Should I tell my mom?


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