What Causes Breasts Stretch Marks and How to Remove Them?

Stretch marks on breasts are a common issue among women as breasts tend to undergo changes.

Right from their puberty stage, females would experience changes in the size of their breasts, which in turn can lead to the occurrence of stretch marks on their breasts.

Men also are prone to stretch marks on the breasts but it might occur when they are involved in serious bodybuilding activities or lose weight drastically.

This has made many to hunt for ways to remove or prevent stretch marks on breasts.

What are the causes of Stretch Marks on Breasts?

The stretch marks tend to occur on the breasts when the collagen fibers on breast skin tend to experience immense stress or stretch that makes them to fray. When the collagen fibers break owing to a lot of stress, the texture of the stretch makes tend to get deeper causing an unsightly appearance on the breasts.

Rapid weight loss/weight gain

One of the main causes of occurrence of stretch marks on breasts is gaining immense weight at a rapid pace and losing weight.

If you are pregnant, you must be careful about gaining weight at a normal pace as adding up a lot of pounds in one go might make your breasts to have stretch marks.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes that occur in your body during the period of puberty, pregnancy or menopause can cause your breasts to stretch thereby leading to the development of stretch marks.

Opting for breast implants or augmentation procedures

When you undergo different kinds of surgical procedures that are related to your breasts such as breast implants, breast reduction or breast augmentation surgeries, it can leave stretch marks to surface on the skin of your breasts.How to remove stretch marks on breasts

Hereditary reasons

Like any other type of stretch marks, stretch marks on breasts are also hereditary and the good news is, if your mother does not have stretch marks, you need not to be worried about it.

Teenage stage

If you are a teenager, you are most likely to experience accelerated growth and body development, which makes your breast to become more fuller by accumulating fat deposits in that region.

This can cause the appearance of stretch marks.

Should you Ignore Stretch Marks on Breasts?

If you have stretch marks on your breasts then don’t ignore it like other stretch marks in your body.

It can be an indicator of various issues, that your body is experiencing, such as:

Cushing’s syndrome

This disorder can trigger stretch marks on breasts without a change in the size of your breasts.

This disorder can make your body to produce too much of cortisol hormones which can lead to the development of purple or pinkish hues stretch marks on the breasts.

If you are facing such dark coloured stretch marks, then make sure you seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

A high rate of dehydration

When your body lacks the average amount of hydration then it can cause your body to dehydrate which in turn would cause sudden appearance of stretch marks on breasts.

Birth control pills

If you are taking a contraceptive pill recently and have started to witness stretch marks on your breasts, then it can indicate that the pill is triggering various hormonal issues in the body, which in turn leads to such marks.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks on Breasts?

If your body is prone to stretch marks owing to your teenage growth, pregnancy, menopause or hereditary reasons, you can make sure that you prevent it by following various measures that are discussed below.

Apply cocoa butter

You can apply cocoa butter every day as this natural butter has potent moisturizing properties that can keep the skin of your breasts hydrated and prevents stretch marks.

Massage your breasts regularly

Use a nourishing cream, moisturizing lotion or coconut oil to massage your breasts in circular motions twice a day to enhance blood circulation so that the skin nutrients remain intact.

This would make your breasts to have healthy skin, which would help it to restrict the stretch marks.

Perform exercises

You can perform cardiovascular workouts to boost the circulation levels and enriches the skin from within, which helps it to regain its elasticity.

This would help you to prevent stretch marks on breasts effectively.

How to remove stretch marks on breasts?

Once there it is almost impossible to remove stretch marks completely but there are various methods to lighten stretch marks to a great extent on breasts.

When we say removing, in most case it does actually mean lightening.

The effectiveness of these methods varies based on the extent of your stretch marks and the skin type you possess.

Breast stretch mark removal creams and lotions

There are different types of stretch mark creams or lotions that have a unique formula to treat the stretch marks on breasts.

Most of the creams are enriched with natural oils, Vitamin E, grape seed extract, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, shea butter or cocoa butter to enrich the skin of the breasts while making it supple.

Some lotions or creams would have collagen enhancing or elastin boosting special ingredients, which can fade the visibility of these marks and make your breasts have a better look.

Laser treatments available for stretch marks on breasts

Laser treatments are popular among people these days as they are effective in removing stretch marks on breasts.

Different kinds of laser treatments discussed below are ideal ones for stretch marks on breasts:

  • Fractional laser treatment or Fraxel laser stretch mark removal
  • Pulsed dye laser treatment that is capable of boosting the production of collagen and elastin thereby healing the damaged cell layers in dermis
  • Excimer laser treatments can eliminate the excess pigmentation while making stretch marks to fade.


This treatment uses tiny crystals, which are used on the reddish stretch marks on the breasts to polish the skin surface.

This removes the top skin layer and paves way for fresh skin growth. If you have older stretch marks on breasts, then this method is advisable.

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The following are the points you must remember before you choose any kind of method to treat your stretch marks on breasts. They are:

Make sure you research a lot about the home remedy you are planning to use on your breasts to know the exact way of applying it to your breasts. This includes how many times you have to repeat and how many months you must follow it.

If you are using a stretch mark cream or lotion on your breasts then it is essential for you to wait patiently to see some remarkable change. This is because the type of skin you have is different from another person.

Hence, what worked faster for your friend might not be working for you. So, wait for a few months to know whether the product is working on your skin or not.

Make sure you are not allergenic to any of the ingredients in the creams or lotions you are using, consult a dermatologist to be safe from all reactions.

In the end...

Stretch marks on breasts can occur due to several reasons some of them are in our control while others are not. These are common as stretch marks on other parts of our body.

There are several ways to prevent breast stretch marks from happening and some ways one can lighten the existing ones.

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