What is Laser Stretch Mark Removal, Types and Benefits

Stretch marks are also called as striae that denote lines that are narrow or are like furrows, which usually occurs when the skin is not able to produce enough amount of collagen and elastin when the skin is expanding thereby causing the dermis or the middle portion of the skin to tear.

This dermis collapses owing to the damage of collagen in the skin and the blood vessels that have bulged, thereby causing stretch marks in a red or purple shade.

Stretch marks are a bothering issue for both men and women and this can cause embarrassment and frustration among them.

What is Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

Laser treatment for stretch mark removal is gaining popularity in recent times as compared to surgery.

However, there are no methods available to eradicate the stretch marks completely or to make the skin look normal again.

This is mainly because the cost of this treatment and the discomfort associated with this stretch mark removal method has reduced considerably due to this method.

The laser stretch mark removal is a non-invasive method to deal with the stretch marks.

This method is performed by using a beam of laser light on the skin area with stretch marks to remove the thinner layers of skin that are located around the marks.

The beam of light is generally an ultraviolet ray which affects the skin by kindling the molecular bond in the skin and this would, in turn, causes disintegration of cells.

This procedure removes the affected skin tissue effectively and helps in developing a new skin, which is free from flaws as its cells are fresh, collagen and elastin are formed.

You might note some redness in the area where laser stretch mark removal was performed.

However, there is no need to worry, as it is the result of eliminating old skin and replacing it with new skin.

This redness, tenderness or inflammation might go away after some days.

However, this is not the same for all patients, as some do not experience this redness when undergoing this treatment.

Types of laser stretch mark removal

The experts in this profession are extensively using this therapy today to help the people, most of them seem to be satisfied with the results of the treatment.

There are two popular methods of laser stretch mark removal:

KTP laser

This type of laser stretch mark removal works by kindling the production of collagen and elastin, which are two effective ingredients of healthy skin.

This method of laser treatment makes use of a thick band of pulsed light which would aim at the affected skin with discoloration.

This treatment is effective in treating those stretch marks which are newly developed and have the shade of red and purple.

The KTP laser used for this treatment is also known as a pulsed dye laser, which might eradicate the blood vessels that are damaged without affecting the skin in the surrounding area.

Fractional CO2 laser

This treatment makes use of the laser light to cause some very small pores in the skin.

These new pores would get filled with natural collagen at a faster pace, which in turn, would diminish the stretch marks.

This treatment is called fractional as the beam of the laser is introduced on the skin as a microbeam.

This treatment is best for treating the stretch marks that are in white or greyish silver colour.

This treatment renews the collagen, which in turn fades away the stretch marks.

This treatment treats a specific fraction of skin for a period of time that results in quicker recovery and visible results.

The rejuvenated collagen offers best results as it helps the skin tissue to stay healthy.

Benefits of availing laser stretch mark removal

When compared to other forms of stretch removal, there are many benefits offered by laser treatment.

Some of the benefits are noted below:


The laser stretch removal therapy can make your stretch marks fade or diminish as it induces the collagen in the skin-saving you the trouble of opting for a surgical procedure.

Affordable option

It is much lower when compared to other methods of stretch mark removal such as plastic surgery or microdermabrasion.

The costs involved in laser stretch mark removal is very reasonable and hence there is no need to spend a fortune on it.

Visible results

After a few sessions with laser treatment, most likely you will be able to notice a considerable difference in the skin as the collagen and elastin production is encouraged by the laser beams.

Availability of different options

You can choose different laser treatments at different budgets based on the depth and period of the stretch marks.

Shorter recovery period

The recovery period of laser treatment for stretch marks is very short and hence it is easy to walk away as soon as the treatment gets over.

There is no need for a bed rest period in most cases.

FDA approved

This treatment is cleared by FDA and hence is safe to opt for your skin.

Minimum discomfort

People usually opine that they experience little or no discomforts during the treatment. However, some might experience a pinching sensation or reddish look for few days after the treatment.

Issues and limitations related to laser stretch mark removal

There are many issues related to the laser treatments of the stretch removal therapy. They are discussed below:

Reddishness: The typical redness that is being noticed while the treatment is being done and the victim may also experience a slight feeling of itching that may result to the swelling of the skin in the concerned treatment areas.

Other side effects: There are other side effects like the bruising, blistering, prolonged redness, darkening of the skin at times the darkness may be replaced by being lightning, scarring, and freckles.

Though these side effects arouse concern one may not forget that yet these therapies are widely being used by the people in various phases of life.

A costly affair: Though these laser treatments are very effective, they are an expensive mode of the treatment compared to the stretch removal creams that are available in the market.

The experts’ advice you to follow the continuous process of cream therapy than the laser treatment due to its extensive side effects as that may affect the human body to a large extent.


Though there are the various treatments available in the market that help people to fulfill their needs of stretch mark removal, many prefer the laser treatment as it is quick and effective.

This treatment would help you in getting rid of these unwanted marks and hence you can flaunt a beautiful skin that would have a healthy glow.

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