Aloe Vera for Strained Muscles

Damages to the muscles or attached tendons can cause strained muscles.

This can take place due to excess pressure during some daily activity like lifting heavy weights, or due to work tasks or sports activities.

Strained muscles can occur due to a tear to the tendons or fibers attached to the muscles, pain caused by strain to nerve endings or bruising which causes local bleeding.

Symptoms include pain when the specific joints or muscles are used, redness, and bruising, swelling, inability to use a muscle, weakness to the muscle or joint and pain during rest.

If the strain does not diminish after simple home remedies, consult a doctor who will conduct various exams to determine the cause of strained muscles.

Treatment could include medication, support for the muscles using a brace or crutches, simple warm-up and exercise routines, compression, elevating affected areas, rest and so on.

Aloe Vera For Strained Muscles

Aloe vera is a perennial plant that grows well in tropical and subtropical regions. This succulent plant holds plenty of water in its leaves.

It contains a clear gel that is made up of 99% water and 1% glycoproteins and polysaccharides.

While polysaccharides quicken skin repair and growth, glycoproteins are said to reduce inflammation and pain.

Aloe vera also contains vitamin A, C, B12, and E, zinc, calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acids, amino acids, lipids and sterols.

Aloe vera products have been used both externally and internally by sports people who wish to maintain good body health.

It is excellent for those who experience discomfort or wear and tear of muscles.

Drinking aloe vera gel is said to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and improve problems like strained muscles, torn muscles, ligament tears or sprains, lacerations and bruising.

Additionally, aloe vera gel can be used topically on strained muscles to provide relief. It can be incorporated into the daily massage routine of sports and other people who take part in strenuous physical activities.

Several studies have found that the anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in aloe vera can benefit various chronic and other inflammatory conditions like muscle inflammation (myositis), bursitis, tendonitis – all of which cause strained muscles and joints.

Topical Aloe Vera Products for Strained Muscles

The following are some topical creams and lotions which contain aloe vera gel which can be used to treat strained muscles, bruising, painful joints, bursitis, tendonitis and simply as a general massage cream.

  • Aloe Activator which contains 99.6% aloe vera gel (stabilized). This can be applied on a gauze pad and frozen before use on the affected areas. It acts as an excellent cold compress. Or you can put some gel on gauze, wrap around the area and pack with ice to provide relief.
  • Aloe Lotion contains 75% cream-based aloe vera. This can be applied to strained muscles and massaged for 5 minutes.
  • Aloe MSM Gel is organic methyl-sulfonyl-methane and stabilized aloe vera gel. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory cream that is effective for treating strained muscles. MSM is needed to create healthy cells. We usually get sulfur from food but invariably not sufficient for quite a bit is lost when food is washed, steamed or cooked. Hence, Aloe MSM gel provides much-needed ingredients that provide instant short term relief for acute muscle and joint pain and long term relief for strained, sore and stiff muscles.
  • Aloe Vera Heat Rub Cream is an excellent product that combines the soothing and healing properties of aloe vera gel, warm and cooling oil of wintergreen and tea tree essential oil, known for its healing and pain relieving properties. This product can be applied on muscles before a work out to warm them and after a work out to provide relief to sore, strained muscles. The product is free from harmful chemicals and animal derivatives.


Topical aloe vera gel does not cause side effects.

However, it should not be applied to deep or open wounds. Stop using aloe vera for strained muscles if you experience an allergic reaction.

Exercise caution when using oral aloe vera for it could interact with herbs, medications or supplements and has a laxative effect too.

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