Coconut Oil and Thyroid Disorders

Can coconut oil help in problems related to thyroid gland? When I started research on the topic I received mixed results, a few experts support that coconut oil can help and other do not. I will present both point of views here but before that let's understand a bit about thyroid problems.

Thyroid gland and related problems

Thyroid gland located in the neck region is one the largest endocrine gland in human body. Thyroid plays a very important part in regulating several metabolic processes, including growth and energy use. It does it by secreting hormones. Over activity or sluggishness of thyroid leas to thyroid disorders - hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. You will be surprised to know that thyroid disorders are very common today and almost one in every 20 people suffer from some thyroid disorder in their lifetime.

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can be identified based on the symptoms associated with them. Hyperthyroidism causes metabolism to speed too much, common cause for this is Graves’ disease. If this is not treated it may lead to liver damage and heart failure and even death. Its symptoms include, rapid pulse, fatigue, anxiety, sweating, etc.

In case of hypothyroidism, the gland releases too less hormones thus body metabolism slows down. Most common cause of this is Hashimoto’s disease. Even this condition not treated may lead to death. Common symptoms include, depression, lethargy, constipation, etc.

There are various other thyroid disorders such as goitre, cancer, etc. but the above two are most common.

Coconut Oil and Thyroid Disorders

Coconut oil and thyroid disorders


The underlying argument advocating for the use of coconut oil in case of hypothyroidism is based on the fact that medium chained triglycerides (which constitute as much as 60% of coconut oil) help promote metabolism and energy levels in the body. This can kick start thyroid gland. Several medical professionals, especially which advocate herbal and natural therapies, believe that nutrition provided by coconut oil can play a crucial role in thyroid disorders.

Several therapists believe that coconut oil along with nutritious diet can an effective solution to thyroid disorders rather than lifelong medicines which are generally prescribed. None of them seem to be saying that stop medications and just take coconut oil yet.

On the other hand medical professionals do not believe this argument and advice patients to stick to prescribed medications. They advice that even when patients want to try alternate therapies such as coconut oil, they should consult their doctor as coconut oil may interfere with certain medications causing more harm than good.


While coconut oil supporters are confident about efficiency and effectiveness of coconut oil for hypothyroidism many medical professionals are not. While researching I came across several patients indicating how coconut oil helped in their condition, but I am still to find and talk to someone personally.

If you have used coconut oil for thyroid disorders, please share your views here for benefit of others

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  1. One of the main causes of HYPOthyroidism is a severe Iodine deficiency. Years ago Iodine was used in bread and bread items. It has been replaced by BROMINE. In all of the drinking water in the U.S. here is added CHLORINE and FLUORIDE and virtually ALL toothpaste sold in the U.S. has FLUORIDE added to it. FLUORINE(FLUORIDE), CHLORINE, BROMINE AND IODINE are all members of the HALOGEN family.
    FLUORINE(FLUORIDE) has Atomic Weight of 19, CHLORINE has Atomic Weight of 35.5, BROMINE has Atomic Weight of 80 AND IODINE has Atomic Weight of 127.
    This is very important because ANY element that has a LOWER Atomic Weight will replace any element that has a higher Atomic Weight.
    This means that CHLORINE and FLUORIDE (in every drop of drinking water you drink) and FLUORIDE (in virtually ALL toothpaste that you use) and BROMINE (in every piece of bread you eat), will replace the IODINE in your body that your body desperately needs and requires, specifically the IODINE in your Thyroid and your Thyroid CAN NOT function properly without sufficient IODINE!!!
    When you take the prescription medication Synthroid it DOES NOT fix the root cause of your Hypothroidism which is almost always an IODINE deficiency!! Why?? Because the pharmaceutical industry, and their drugs, treat only symptoms, the pharmaceutical industry and their drugs DO NOT cure anything. Why?? Because they want your long term prescription business, and taking Synthroid is almost always a lifetime requirement!!
    Want to try to fix the root cause and give your Thyroid the IODINE it requires?? Try using Lugols Solution or SSKI. BUT ALWAYS MAKE YOUR MEDICAL CARE PROVIDER AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING SO THEY CAN MONITOR YOU AND YOUR THYROID!!! Your medical care provider will most likely try to convince you it is a waste of time or harmful, so do your research FIRST so you are prepared for this!!
    Remember, your medical care provider gets 100% of their information on prescription drugs and treatments directly from the pharmaceutical company and the pharmaceutical company reps and their information is heavily biased in favor of selling the most drugs.


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