The Suzanne Somers diet, also known as the Somersize diet was created by renowned television actress, Suzanne Somers.

The Suzanne Somers diet plan is a weight loss program that is low carbohydrate, high protein, and healthy fat diet program.

The Somersize diet promotes healthy changes in diet and lifestyle and emphasizes the importance of eating foods with correct combinations.

Suzanne Somers is a famous American actress and entrepreneur best known for her roles on Three’s Company and Step by Step.

She was born on 16 October 1946 in San Bruno, California, U.S.

Suzanne Somers is now becoming famous for her diet and fitness contributions with the publication of “Suzanne Somers Diet: Eat Great, Lose Weight” in 1999.

Somers points out that a low carb, high protein and healthy fat diet that encourages a system of combining foods that work together to help the body burn fat instead of working against each other which can be helpful for healthy weight loss.

Somers says that she learned about the idea of eating correct combinations of foods on a trip to France.

Somers considers that if a dieter eats the food in the right combinations, the follower will be capable of eating three meals per day while still losing weight.

She does not agree with the fact that being hungry all the time or skipping the meals is necessary for losing weight.

Is Suzanne Somers Diet Effective for Weight Loss?

What are the Phases of Suzzane Somers Diet?

Somersize consists of two phases. Phase I eliminates high glycemic foods as these affect the blood sugar levels and stimulates the burning of stored fat.

Somers calls the high-glycemic foods as “funky foods” which includes banana, carrot, white flour, sweet potatoes, milk, nuts that have a high glycemic index.

The diet plan is not very strict, but the dieters are not allowed to eat processed and refined foods, specific foods and alcohol from diet and eradicate white sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup from their diet because these food items are over-refined and increase the blood sugar level.

The important rules in the Suzanne Somers diet plan include the following:

Eat carbohydrates only with vegetables (not with proteins or fats). Example- Pasta should be combined with vegetables instead of butter or olive oil Combine vegetables with either fats or proteins or both.

Example- Lean chicken should be combined with green and leafy vegetables instead of starchy foods or carbohydrates.

Fruits (except banana as it possesses high carbohydrate content) must be eaten alone on an empty stomach.

The dieter is allowed to eat frequently as per his/her wish, but there should be at least three hours gap between the meals.

The dieter doesn’t need to skip meals or be hungry while following the Suzanne Somers diet.

Phase II is about maintenance, and the dieter should move to this phase only after losing weight and achieving their set weight target.

Phase II also requires food combining, but the followers are occasionally allowed to have some extravagance such as red wine and chocolate.

The three levels of the Suzanne Somers diet plan includes Level 1, Advanced Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1

Is for dieters who are new to the Suzanne Somers diet program.

This level is the strictest period of Suzanne Somers diet plan and seeks to eliminate alcohol and several food items such as avocados, nuts or olives.

The calorie intake is limited in this phase i.e. 1200 calories.

Advanced Level 1

Is for dieters who have already invested some time following the Suzanne Somers diet.

Dieters of level 1 seeing positive changes taking place into their body can move to advanced level 1.

At this level, the followers are occasionally allowed to have some foods which were not permitted at earlier level but now can be eaten occasionally.

Level 2

Dieters are those who have achieved their weight target and are now looking to learn healthy ways to maintain this weight.

In this level, dieters are allowed to consume foods with all the combinations in moderation.

Moreover, foods which were not allowed to dieters in previous levels are permitted in level 2.

What is the Key principle behind the Suzanne Somers diet?

The Suzanne Somers diet plan is based on the principle that certain foods should never be eaten together. This diet plan is based on the fact that some of the combinations should never be eaten together.

For instance, Suzanne Somers diet plan requires the dieter to eat proteins or fats (or both) with vegetables but never with carbohydrates.

In addition to this, fruits are allowed on the Suzanne Somers diet plan, but they must be eaten alone on an empty stomach.

The Suzanne Somers diet plan encourages the changes in diet and lifestyle that lasts for a long time. The dieter is expected to continue the level 2 plan to maintain the weight throughout his/her lifetime.

What are the benefits of the Suzanne Somers diet?

Suzanne Somers diet helps in weight loss and fat burning. It also improves the metabolism of the dieter who follows this plan without any modifications.

Somers claims that combining food can also help to balance the hormones and provide additional health benefits especially in the case of women.

The Suzanne Somers diet promotes the intake of foods with low Glycemic Index to maintain the blood sugar level and thereby reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. It also helps to decrease the severity of symptoms of the obesity-related disease.

Inflammatory reactions and other diseases taking place in the body due to obesity can also be eradicated by following this diet plan.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are also included in the Suzanne Somers diet plan to supply enough vitamins and minerals essential for the body and maintains a clear and youthful skin.

The dieters are not allowed to eat processed and refined foods as most of the vitamins and minerals vanish during processing.

Moreover, processing of food increases its sodium content whereas lower sodium intake is recommended in Suzanne Somers diet to obtain maximum health benefits.

Is Suzanne Somers Diet safe?

Suzanne Somers diet emphasizes the importance of eating particular foods with correct combinations. The food restrictions in Suzanne Somers diet plan may increase the risks of certain diseases.

Also, it is difficult to get an adequate amount of all essential vitamins and minerals when eating a limited variety of food items.

Diets that permit the dieter to eat unhealthy fat, red meat, etc. can increase chances of cardiovascular problems.

The United State Department of Agriculture recommends that the limited intake of meat and lean meats may reduce the risk of these cardiovascular problems.

Precautions associated with Suzanne Somers Diet

Consult a doctor before beginning a new diet as the daily requirements of calories can vary from person to person based on age, weight, sex, and presence or absence of a disease.

Pregnant or nursing women should pay special attention while following the Suzanne Somers diet plan and consult a medical professional to ensure that the diet plan meets the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.


There is no scientific evidence that supports the concept of food combining in the Suzanne Somers diet plan.

There is also no proof that eating certain foods alone and other foods in combination can make any difference in the weight loss program or enhance the metabolism of the dieter following this diet plan.

Since the Suzanne Somers diet plan promotes the intake of foods with a low Glycemic Index, thereby it reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A growing amount of research is being done to explore the effects of a diet that includes large amounts of fat, red meat, animal products and low quantity of carbohydrates.

Evidence revealed that this type of diet can result in higher levels of cholesterol and may increase the risk of certain heart disease even if weight loss is occurring.

The Suzanne Somers diet does not encourage exercises, but it does support the dieter to remain active as many research study proves that exercise and diet are the most effective option for weight loss when done together.

Hence, one should follow a healthy weight loss plan that includes both a sustainable diet plan and a regular workout routine.


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