Best Essential Oils for Gout & How to Use Them

Quick Answer: Best Essential Oils for Gout

  1. Basil Essential Oil
  2. Rosemary Essential Oil
  3. Pine (Needle) Essential Oil
  4. Chamomile Essential Oil
  5. Coriander Essential Oil
  6. Juniper Essential Oil
  7. Lavender Essential Oil
  8. Lemon Essential Oil
  9. Linden Blossom Essential Oil
  10. Carrot Essential Oil
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What is Gout?

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis followed by sudden severe painful attacks, warmth, tenderness, inflammation and redness in the joints. [1] [2]

It occurs commonly in the base of a joint in the first toe of the foot and protrudes out (Tophi) but can also occur in the knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, and fingers. [3]

The symptoms are intolerable pain for the first four to twelve hours, soreness, inflammation, redness, and difficulty in moving joints. [4] [5]

Our body produces Uric Acid, which is a broken-down product of purines. Purines are naturally produced by our body and also found in meat, seafood, alcohol, sweetened drinks [6], etc. [7]

This Uric Acid is a waste product and passed through urine, but when produced above a saturation point for monosodium urate crystal formation. [8]

It forms sharp needle-like crystals of urate, which gets deposited in joints causing gout. [9]

Risk factors [10] associated with gout are, a diet rich in purines, hyperuricemia (elevated serum uric acid) [11], heredity, hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome, [12] age and sex (men are more likely to have), osteoarthritis and diuretics.

Treatment with essential oils is highly recommended. They are analgesic and alleviate inflammation associated with gout. They are soothing, refreshing and cooling in nature.

Read on further to know how and which essential oils you can use to combat with gout.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are odorous and volatile compounds found in secretary structures such as glands, secretary hair, duct, cavities or resin ducts in gums, roots, leaves, flowers, stem, grass, bark and twigs of a plant. [13]

Others names include essence, etheric oil, volatile oil, aetheroleum. [14]

They are hydrophobic in nature but soluble in alcohol.

These oils are highly concentrated constitutes of hydrocarbons such as terpenes, and oxygenated compounds that are aldehydes, esters, alcohols, ketones, phenols, and oxides. [15]

They enter the body via oral route mixed with honey or capsules, a topical application such as massage, cream or aromatherapy as diffusers, inhalation.

Essential Oils in Combating Gout

Essential oils are useful in rejuvenating and restoring processes of the body. They are effective calmer, mood enhancers, antimicrobial, and antiphlogistic. [16]

These oils are powerful in easing pain and inflammation and can be used singularly or in combination for curative action on gout.

In a study (2016), now a patent showed the use of orange peel and peppermint essential oil for curing rheumatic conditions such as gout.

The relief mixture of orange had 24-45% extract while 10-20% extract in peppermint relief mixture and had coconut, olive, or vegetable oil as carriers.

They were administered topically on the epidermis or injected into the affected area. The subjects were middle-aged or old people. It has both human and animal trials.

The mixture showed relief from pain, increased mobility of joints, reduced inflammation and permanent cure and demonstrated anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative properties of both the oils. [17]

Zingiber ottensii, known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial properties, is useful in treating gout.

The main constituents are Trans-caryophyllene and 1-4-terpeniol. [18]

Red ginger oil compress has shown a significant decrease in pain of gout patients and showed analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. [19] [20]

A 2019 research article stated that Black pepper essential oil is antihyperuricemic and has the ability to inhibit xanthine oxidase, which plays a key role in hyperuricemia and gout. [21] [22]

Pennyroyal mint extract and Cinnamomum [23] [24] [25] extract are useful in gout rheumatism. [26] [27]

Lemongrass essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are used to treat gout arthritis. [28]

Cajeput is used in aromatherapy and plays a role in rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. [29]

Best Essential Oils For Gout

Essential oils are pain relievers; soothe inflammation, soreness in the body.

They are known to cure rheumatism and gout permanently and ease the swelling. [30] [31]

Carrier oils [32] which can be used to make blends are Olive oil and sesame oil, both of these oils exhibit rheumatic and arthritis rehabilitating properties.

Read on below in this section to find out the best essential oils for arthritis and gout conditions.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil is steam distilled from dark green ovate leaves of a tender annual herb. It has a penetrating, refreshing, and herbal aroma. It has a pale yellow tinge.

Studies show basil to be remedial for gout rheumatism. [33] It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. [34] [35]

The oil is used as a poultice for rheumatism. [36] [37] Pregnant women should be cautious while using this oil.

Best way to use: Administered in steam inhalation (put 2-3 drops in a bowl of hot water, cover the head with a towel and inhale) and massage.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is steam distilled from pale blue flowering tops of a shrubby bush. The oil has a pale yellow tinge and has a strongly aromatic, minty scent.

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. [38] It exhibits analgesic, antirheumatic, antispasmodic action on the body. [39]

The oil is rich in esters such as verbenone (37%) known to reduce inflammation and effective in rheumatic gout. [40] [41]

The person with high blood pressure or seizure conditions should use oil cautiously and pregnant women should avoid the use of this oil.

Best way to use: It is used in baths and massage oils

Pine (Needle) Essential Oil

Pine essential oil is distilled from needles, young twigs and brown pointed cones of an evergreen tree. The scent is strong and aromatic with a pale yellow tinge.

The oil is rich in anti-microbial, pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil stimulates circulation in the body and exhibits warming effects on rheumatic pain, gout and reduces them. [42] [43]

It can cause photosensitivity and allergic reactions.

Best way to use: The oil can be taken in baths and topically massaged on to the skin

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil is steam distilled from flowers of strongly aromatic herb and has a warm, sweet, herbal scent. It has a beautiful deep blue color.

In a study of Assay of xanthine oxidase, German Chamomile had powerful inhibitory activity on gout and thus remedial for gout. [44] [45]

In a study, chamomile oil significantly showed analgesic properties and reduced pain in knee osteoarthritis. [46]

German chamomile is strongly anti-inflammatory [47] and antiphlogist due to the presence of high azulene content.

The oil has contraindications for pregnant women and might cause skin irritation on some people.

Best way to use: Useful in aromatherapy of massage and baths blends. Cold compress for an internal inflammatory condition such as inflamed joints, swollen tissue. Also used as ointments, lotions, inhalation [48].

Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander essential oil is steam distilled from crushed ripe seeds of a strongly aromatic annual herb.

Its leaves are used for garnishing. The seeds are also used as a spice. It has a woody, sweet, musky scent and pale yellow tinge.

The oil has analgesic, inflammation relieving and antispasmodic properties.

It has a warming action on the body and beneficial for rheumatic pain, gout arthritis.

The oil can be stupefying if taken in large dosage, so always ensure the correct amounts.

Best way to use: Massage blends

Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper oil is extracted from berries of an evergreen shrub and has a woody, fresh, and sweet smell. It has a pale yellow color.

The oil is strongly antitoxic, detoxifier for the body.

It is exceptionally well for men, with prostate problems and being a diuretic, it relieves retention of urine from the body and fastens elimination from the body, as this problem is a root cause for gout arthritis. [49] [50] [51]

The oil should cautiously be used by pregnant women and its use is contraindicated for people with kidney disease.

Best way to use: It can be topically used or in bath oils.

Gel for Gout [52]

Aloe vera gel (60 ml), Arnica Macerated oil (10 ml), Chamomile German (5 drops), Lavender (10 drops), Peppermint (3 drops), Juniper Berry (5 drops), Chamomile Roman (5 drops).

Use this gel for massage.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from flowering tops which are spiked blue-violet. It is from an aromatic green woody shrub and has a sweet, floral aroma.

The oil is analgesic, inflammation suppressor [53], antitoxic, and shows diuretic properties.

It is effective in reducing pain; Lavender oil eases swelling in the body. [54]

The oil must be cautiously used by pregnant women, a person with sensitive skin or low blood pressure conditions.

Best way to use: Administered in Baths and massage directly without a carrier oil.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is cold expressed from fresh peels of the lemon. The aroma is light, fresh, and citrus. The oil has a green-yellow tinge which turns brown with age.

The oil is a tonic for the digestive system, diuretic, depurative and relieves from painful rheumatism, gout. [55]

It releases acidity, enhances the functioning of the lymph and circulatory system which otherwise can lead to uric acid crystals, and lead to pain and inflammation.

The oil can cause photosensitivity skin irritation.

Best way to use: It can be used in baths, topical application, and compress and as diffusers.

Linden Blossom Essential Oil

Linden essential oil is extracted from flowers of a type of lime tree. It has a long-lasting, sweet and spicy aroma.

The oil possesses calming and relaxing effects on the body. It aids in indigestion and a potent diuretic.

It aids in the removal of excess urea from the body and useful for rheumatic gout arthritis.

Best way to use: Used in baths blends, topical massage and diffusers

Carrot Essential Oil

Carrot essential oil is steam distilled from seeds.It has a strong, earthy, warm aroma. [56]

The oil is a strong diuretic and detoxifier and helps to remove toxin out of the body through urine thus useful for gout arthritis. It is anti-inflammatory.[57]

The oil must not be used in pregnancy.

Best way to use: Used in a massage.

Considerations we must keep in Mind While Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly potent and concentrated; in case you have invested huge amounts, drink a glass of whole milk to counter the reactions of oil.

If the oil gets into eyes, quickly irrigate eyes with whole milk or vegetable oil. This dilutes the oil. Then rinse with water and seek medical help. [58]

Always perform a patch test before actually using oils.

If there is a skin reaction, quickly wash the affected area with non-perfumed soap.

Essential oils should be stored in dark and away from sunlight.

They are highly flammable, hence must be stored away from gas stoves or match sticks.

Final Words

Gout is a painful and reoccurring condition, due to increased uric acid in the body. This condition can be cured with essential oils.

They are potent diuretic, tonic and antitoxic for the body.

They are anti-inflammatory and analgesic thus providing a perfect blend for curative and remedial therapy for gout arthritis.

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