Nutrigenetics and Tailor Made Diets for Weight Loss

Nutrigenetics is the new kid on the block in the world of obesity.

It is a discipline that investigates the relationship between genes, food intake and their impact on health.

It is not only restricted to obesity but this field determines the kinds of food that would activate certain genes making one susceptible to genetically linked diseases like cancer.

Nutrigenetics aims to create tailor-made to diets based on individual needs and lifestyle for a healthier outcome.

A number of companies providing commercial weight loss programs prescribe low-calorie diets but the response differs with every individual.

So should one look forward to the next-gen tailor-made diets for better results?

A trial (read here)was conducted to investigate whether nutrigenetic diet fares better than standard diets in terms of weight loss outcomes.

What happened in the study?

51 obese or overweight individuals were randomly assigned to groups which were given a nutrigenetic diet or a standard balanced diet.

The nutrigenetic guided diets were prepared on the basis of genetic results and they were designed to be low on fat and carbohydrate or balanced Mediterranean diet.

Nutrigenetics and Tailor Made Diets for Weight Loss

What was the outcome?

Percentage of individuals who lost approximately 5% of their body weight at the end of 8 weeks or 24 weeks was almost the same in both groups.

Participants who had a low risk for developing obesity lost more weight than other individuals and experienced a significant reduction in BMI and waist circumference.

What does this mean?

According to the study, a nutrigenetic guided diet can produce almost the same results as a standard balanced diet.

However, by analyzing genetic features, nutrigenetic diet can help in identifying individuals who would benefit the most from a guided diet.

Interestingly this study reflects that nutrigenetics diet does not have better outcomes than standard balanced diets.

Yet we can’t ignore the idea that genetic differences play a vital role in dietary intake.

Definitely, this area requires further research and advancement.

Till then you can still look forward to low energy diets and exercise as a meaningful way to lose weight.

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