Jojoba Oil For Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most common chronic skin disorders affecting millions of people around the world.

According to an estimate, approximately 17 million people are affected by it at any one point in time in the United States of America only. 

The good news, however, is that over time a lot of medications have been developed to prevent if not cure the problem of acne breakouts. This article shall elaborate on the effectiveness of jojoba oil in the treatment of acne and also discuss its importance otherwise.

What is Jojoba oil?

This oil is extracted from jojoba tree also scientifically known as Simmondsia Chinenis.

The special quality of this oil or rather wax is that in its biological composition, it is extremely similar to sebum secreted in the human body, more than any other oil that can be obtained in nature.

Jojoba oil has been used for various skin infections and health conditions.

Its application on the skin helps in balancing oil production and its non-comedogenic nature helps in the treatment of acne while at the same time keeping the skin extremely moisturized.

How does Jojoba oil treat acne?

Jojoba oil possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

While the former helps in fighting and destroying the acne-causing bacteria the latter tends to reduce the acne induced inflammation, thereby causing a decrease in the resultant swelling and redness.

Another mechanism which the oil uses to combat acne has been attributed to its structural similarity to sebum.

When applied on the skin, jojoba oil tends to dissolve the sebum thereby unclogging the blocked pores and creating space for excess sebum to drain out.

Application of Jojoba oil for acne

Jojoba oil can be used in various ways to deal with the acne problem and post acne care of the skin. Some of these ways are enumerated below:

Aloe Vera Gel and Jojoba Oil

It can be used as a moisturizer by mixing it with aloe vera gel. The combined antibacterial property of the two will offer a highly resistive fight to the acne causing bacteria. To use this you must clean your face with a non medicated soap or cleanser .

It can then be applied gently onto the skin with hands either on the entire face or on the acne-prone areas.

It can also be used when you are taking other topical acne treatment which may cause extreme dryness of your skin.

Applying this mixture will keep your skin moisturized

Jojoba Oil as spot treatment

Jojoba oil can be effectively used as a spot treatment. After cleaning your face with a non medicated soap or cleanser, take this oil on a cotton ball and apply it on the pimple directly.

This can be done three times a day. Jojoba oil can also be used along with other essential oils like tea tree oil or manuka oil in different proportions to suit your skin, for spot treatment.

Jojoba Oil with Scrub

It can further be used in a scrub to exfoliate the skin. This requires mixing it with glycerin or coconut oil and applying it on the skin in circular motion for about 2 to 5 minutes.

This can then be rinsed off with water. This will help in removing the dead skin cells and unclogging the pores.

Clay and Jojoba Oil

It can also be mixed with clay to be formed into a mask which will be efficient to cure lesions and mild acne.

This requires mixing jojoba oil in a bowl of clay to form a uniform, consistent paste which can then be applied onto the skin and left to dry for 15 minutes after which it can be washed off from the face.

This will not only eliminate the bacteria and inflammation but also keep your skin moisturized.

Jojoba oil Benefits for skin  

Jojoba oil procures the following skin benefits:

  • Jojoba oil is extremely stable and does not tend to lose its anti oxidants under storage even if for long periods
  • Since it is organic, it is free of chemicals and pesticides and therefore chances of adverse effects are extremely low
  • It functions as a good moisturizer because of its structural similarity to sebum and also tends to get absorbed by the skin readily
  • It has been effectively used as a make up remover
  • Because of its moisturizing properties, it is often used as a lip balm
  • It helps in preventing dandruff on the hair scalp and also adds shine to dry hair
  • Applying it before shaving prevents burn from shave and makes the process smoother
  • It is often also used as a massage oil

Possible Side effects and Storage

The side effects of using jojoba oil is extremely rare and few. Some of them are enumerated below:

  • Allergic reaction may lead to rash and itching
  • If it is taken in orally it can cause severe issues like heart damage
  • Very high doses can make the skin shine unnaturally

Precautions while using Jojoba Oil

The under mentioned precautions must be observed in order to ensure maximum effectiveness:

  • It is only for external use and must not be ingested
  • It should be used in moderate amount as high doses can make the skin shine unnaturally
  • Its use during pregnancy and while breast feeding is likely safe
  • Very high doses can adversely cause clogging of the pores and make your acne worse
  • Do a patch test to check for allergies before using it completely
  • If you are buying it from the market, make sure it is not adulterated

Customer reviews about Jojoba Oil for Acne

We did an analysis of online consumer review to determine the effectiveness of jojoba oil in treating acne breakouts. From their experience of it, here is a summary of what consumers liked and disliked about the treatment:

What they liked about it

Reduces inflammation: Many consumers were happy that jojoba oil was effective not only in preventing the breakouts and moisturizing the skin but also in reducing inflammation and the resultant swelling and redness.

To them it seemed to be one solution to a number of problems

Brings glow: A lot of consumers were of the view that jojoba oil added a glow to their skin not only repairing it but also making it better by adding a shine to it. This improved the texture of their skin

Cyst and blackheads: Jojoba oil’s absorbent quality helps in treating the under lying cystic acne and also the blackheads. Thus it proves to be further effective for a number of other things causing an improvement in the overall health of the skin

What they did not like about it:

Clog pores: Some consumers experienced clogged pores on its application. This is mostly because of using high doses of jojoba oil. It is advised that you stick to moderate dose.

Scars: A few consumers were disappointed that though it caused a number of benefits to the skin, it was not helpful in reducing the scars of acne. This means that they have to rely on another product to do away with the scars.


Jojoba oil is an essential oil with numerous skin and health benefits. Its anti-bacterial property helps in fighting the acne-causing bacteria while at the same time its moisturizing properties, second to no other oil, is considered the best.

It will improve the overall health of your skin by keeping it moisturized and adding a shine to it. Moreover it is organic so you do not have to worry about chemical harm that might have occurred.

If you are tired of the chemical-based treatments and its recurring side effects, this is the treatment you should go forward with.

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