Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure & How to Use

Quick Answer: Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

  1. Basil Essential Oil
  2. Bergamot Essential Oil
  3. Garlic Essential Oil
  4. Lavender Essential Oil
  5. Lemon Essential Oil
  6. Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
  7. Melissa Essential Oil
  8. Neroli Essential Oil
  9. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
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The blood in the veins and arteries is pumped from the heart to body organs and from body organs back to the heart. This blood flows with pressure.

This pressure is termed as blood pressure. There are two types of blood pressure, systolic (heartbeats and pumps blood into vessels) and diastolic (when the heart relaxes).

The normal blood pressure of the body is 120/80 mm Hg. [1]

People can deviate from normal and have high or low blood pressure; among the two having higher Bp imposes more risks on the health of a person.

High blood pressure is a condition where the blood pumped by heart exerts pressures/force on artery walls which is abnormally high. [2]

Another name for high Bp is Hypertension or Hypertensive and called a ‘silent killer'.

It can lead to coronary heart disease such as ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, damaged blood vessels in the eye (vision problems). [3] [4]

Occasional Symptoms include headache, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, palpitations of the heart and nose bleeds, severe chest pain, nausea. [5] [6] [7] [8]

Causes are HFSS (High fat, salt, sugar) foods, low potassium intake, high alcohol intake, lack of physical activity, diabetic nephropathy, stenosis (narrowing down) of arteries. [9] [10]

Risk factors for High blood pressure are increasing age, sex (more in men), obesity, family history of high Bp, metabolic syndrome, stress.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile and low molecular weight compounds extracted from plant parts.

They are lipophilic and constitute saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, alcohol, aldehydes, esters, ethers, ketones, oxides phenols, and terpenes.

They are extracted by distillation, steam distillation and cold compression from leaves, stem, root, fruits, rind/peels, bark, resin, and twigs of plants.

These oils are used in pharmacological, therapeutic, medicinal, and cosmetic industries.

Essential oils have good skin permeability, therefore these oils used in aromatherapy using various methods like inhalation, baths, topically through local application and orally.

Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Essential oils are regenerative, rejuvenating and energizing to the body; they normalize the blood pressure, such as nutmeg oil there is evidence that it reduces Bp.[11]

Hypotensive: The essential oils are remedial in decreasing the blood pressure and therefore are therapeutic in hypertension; examples include Clary sage, Linden Blossom, and Tarragon oil.

Sunflower oil can be great to use a carrier oil because it is rich in potassium, magnesium, and reduces cholesterol levels in the body.

These oils are Phlebotonic meaning they are tonic to veins and circulatory system.

Some oils are hypertensive too and aids when a person is too weary, lethargic or consistently low on blood pressure, but these oils must be avoided in hypertension.

Litsea cubeba has a therapeutic role in condition related to heart; it corrects the abnormal beating of the heart also called an arrhythmia and is a remedial hypotensive [12]

Marigold oil is also useful in hypertension.[13]

Best Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure

These oils are helpful in reducing blood pressure because they also work on associated risk factors.

They strengthen the cardiac system and relieve the body of toxins and stress hormones

Keep reading below to find out the best essential oils for lowering high blood pressure and what all blends can be used in aromatherapy.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil is steam distilled from leaves of an annual tender herb with dark green ovate leaves. It has a fresh, herbal, and penetrating aroma. The oil has a pale yellow tinge.

A study on the hypertensive mouse model showed, basil pungent reduced blood pressure when administered intravenously. [14]

The oil also relieves from mental fatigue and gives clarity and mental strength. It is important to oil to treat people from anxiety and depression

Best way to use:

Steam inhalation: put 2-3 drops in a bowl of hot water and inhale while covering your head. Keep eyes closed during the therapy.

Bergamot Essential Oil

The oil is extracted from black peppercorns or berries of a woody vine as it is highly aromatic and yields more percentage of oil. It has a warm and spicy aroma

Bergamot oil is effective and therapeutic in regulating the nervous system and relaxing soothing body off tension and stress.[15]

The use of bergamot in Earl Grey Tea has shown to be uplifting and wards off anxiety.

In a 2012 study on 100 healthy subjects, bergamot oil was shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure when inhaled for 1 hour. [16]

After this, it showed signs of raising blood pressure. [17]

Best way to use:

  • Massage oil blend: ½ ounce apricot kernel oil (base), bergamot oil (2 drops), Frankincense oil (2 drops), Ylang-Ylang oil (1 drop).
  • Now add a carrier oil to a glass bottle and add all essential oils incorrect amounts.
  • Using this blend apply it to your back and torso and massage gently and thoroughly into your skin to improve circulation and promote relaxation.
  • Repeat this treatment once daily and for added benefits do it in the evening. [18]

Garlic Essential Oil

The oil is used as a spice and supplement; it is also useful in high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis. [19]

A mere 3g of garlic provides about 4.5 mg of potassium that balances the blood pressure.[20]

Garlic essential oil is effective for lowering blood pressure. [21]

The health benefit of oil includes maintaining and protection of the cardiovascular system and regulates blood pressure.[22] [23]

Best way to use: the oil can be used in massage blends.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is extracted from flowering tops from an aromatic green woody shrub. It has a sweet, floral scent.

The oil is rejuvenating and soothing and it promotes relaxation in the body thus balancing blood pressure. [24] [25]

The oil is known to reduce stress, palpitations too.  Lavender oil has tonic and sedative action on the muscle of the heart.

A study tested the use of a blend of Lavender, Ylang- Ylang, and Bergamot oil using inhalation therapy once daily for 4 weeks, the result reported a decrease in blood pressure, reduced psychological stress also. [26]

Best way to use: Inhalation therapy

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is cold expressed from fresh peels of the lemon. The aroma is light, fresh, and citrus. The oil has a green-yellow tinge which turns brown with age

Lemon oil is potentially good for reducing high blood pressure; it is refreshing and soothing on the body. It has high antioxidant content and good for heart health. [27]

The oil has a tonic effect on the circulatory system and good for varicose veins and arteriosclerosis as well.

It soothes palpitations and relieves from tension and stress.

Best way to use:

  • Massage oil blend:  Use this blend to massage on your chest, abdomen, and back for soothing effects on a regular basis.
  • 4 drops of lemon, 2 drops each of juniper berry and Clary sage, 1 drop of Ylang essential oil and 15 ml of carrier oil blended together.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram essential oil is steam distilled from the dried flowering herb of a bushy plant. It has amber tinge and woody scent.

The oil has been used for ages to lower the raised blood pressure. [28] [29]

The oil also cures stress, tension, and palpitations.

A study was done on pre-hypertensive and hypertensive subjects to know the effect of an essential oil blend n their blood pressure and cortisol levels.

A blend of Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Marjoram, and Neroli (in the ratio of 20: 15: 10: 2) was used by inhalation.  Daytime Systolic Bp decreased significantly. [30]

Best way to use:

  • Massage lotion: take a ½ ounce of carrier oil (sunflower oil).
  • To it add 3 drops of Marjoram and 3 drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil.
  • Apply this lotion to your chest and the soles of your feet daily at night. [31]

Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa essential oil is extracted from leaves, herb, and flowers. It has green leaves, white or pink flowers, and a rich, floral spicy odor.

It has anti-oxidant properties and contains esters to combat inflammation

The oil is also known as lemon balm oil. [32] The essential oil is useful in hypertension. [33]

The oil slows down the pulse; it lowers the blood pressure and has an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscle. It is tonic for the heart.

Best way to use:

Aromatherapy and massage blends

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli oil is obtained from blossoms, it grows white fragrant flowers.

The oil is completely safe to use and rich in vitamin C. It is also known as sweet orange essential oil

The oil is powerful in relieving tension and stress that has been associated with risk factors for high blood pressure. [34]

A 2014 Korean study done on 63 postmenopausal women reported inhalation of 0.1% and 0.5% dilutions of Neroli oil in almond carrier oil for 5 minutes two times a day for 5 days, showed lowered Systolic blood pressure ( in 0.5% group) and lowered Diastolic blood pressure (in 0.1% and 0.5% group). [35]

The study also reported pulse rate and serum cortisol levels were dropped too by using Neroli oil.

Best way to use:

Inhalation therapy and massage blends

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang- Ylang essential oil is distilled from fresh pink flowers of a tall tropical tree and has an intensely soft, sweet-spicy scent.

The oil is potent a stress buster, removes tension, aids in the circulatory system and relaxes refreshes the body. [36]

The primary uses of oil are that it is effective in treating heart palpitations, rapid breathing, and high blood pressure.

Studies have shown its effectiveness to lower high blood pressure and relieving risk factors such as anxiety. [37] [38]

Best way to use:

  • Diffuser oil blend: take Ylang Ylang oil (1 drop), Lavender oil (1 drop), and Bergamot oil (1 drop) essential oil.
  • Add them to the water bowl.
  • Diffuse the aroma for 15 minutes every hour in the evening.
  • For the added benefit, run the diffuser near your bed for the whole night. [39]

Bath oil blend:

Add 3 drops of Ylang Ylang and Sweet marjoram each to the evening bath twice a week.[40]

Considerations While Using Essential Oils

These oils are highly potent and concentrated and can burn the skin if used undiluted, always dilute them in carrier/base oils.

Another important aspect, there are oils; one should avoid using in a hypertensive state.

They are Eucalyptus, Pine [41], Clove, Juniper, Hyssop, Rosemary, Spike Lavender, Sage and Thyme essential oils. [42]

Do not use peppermint oil especially for ingestion, as it is hypertensive. [43]

Perform a patch test before the topical application of oil to know of any sensitivity or allergic reactions.

Always consult your doctors, before taking up any essential oil, so that it does not interfere with the medications of high blood pressure.

Avoid sun exposure for 4-6 hours after the application of essential oil, as they can cause photosensitivity.

Final Words

Hypertension is one of the conditions of metabolic syndrome and is termed to be a silent killer because people do not become aware unless it goes out of control.

Essential oils are therapeutic remedies for lowering raised blood pressure. They work on hormones, soothe and balance the body, and are tonic for the heart.

So next time you are in stress or tension and feel those pulses raising uncontrollably, the go-ahead for a soothing massage or bath.

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