Best Essential Oils for Skin Aging, Wrinkles & Age Spots

Quick Answer: Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin

  1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil
  2. Frankincense Essential Oil
  3. Clary Sage Oil
  4. Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  5. Patchouli Essential Oil
  6. Neroli Essential Oil
  7. Lemon Essential Oil
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Skin aging is microscopic, biochemical, and molecular changes occurring in skin.2

The causes can be intrinsic or physiologic due to sexual hormones [1], genetics or extrinsic or premature due to external factors like ultraviolet radiations (photo-aging) [2], pollution [3] and cigarette smoking.[4]

Wrinkles are configurational changes [5] caused by prolonged smoking [6] and called ‘smokers face’. [7]

Premature aging leads to deep wrinkles [8] [9] due to chronic UV exposure [10] [11] and commonly seen on the forehead, corners of lips, eyes.[12]

Age spots are small dark areas on the skin. [13]

It is prevalent in subtropic regions, sunlight prone areas [14] and fair-skinned people. [15]

Treatment includes cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, botulinum toxin [16], and laser skin resurfacing and surgical procedures. [17]

These are invasive [18], so a safer and natural therapy of essential oils is a must-try! Here is a list down of every essential oil you can use to make your skin youthful again.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural plant products that are highly concentrated and potent in nature.

They are extracted from flowers, rinds, leaves, seeds, stems, fruits, and distilled from resins.

They are volatile and colorless pleasant-smelling oils.

Their chemical composition includes saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ethers, ketones, phenols, and terpenes. [19]

They can be administered using aromatherapy in baths, inhalations, diffusion or administered orally as capsules or topically as a lotion.

Essential oils are miraculous in treating skin problems. They are anti-fungal, regenerative, rejuvenating, astringent, cure pain and inflammation.

Eucalyptus essential oil is rich in anti-oxidants. [20]

Essential Oils for Skin Aging, Wrinkles, and Age Spots

Essential oils work great for skin of all types. They are rich in antioxidants that possess anti-aging properties. [21] [22]

They are astringent in nature that is they promote skin tightening. The presence of phenol compounds in essential oils acts as scavengers for free radicals. [23]

Cell growth and regeneration: Avocado Oil is rich in vitamin E and useful to repair sun-damaged skin.

It is helpful in skin regeneration. Hazelnut oil also aids in the regeneration of cells and strengthens capillaries.

Moisturize and hydrates the skin:  Apricot kernel essential oils conditions and moisturize the skin and can be added to massage creams and blends as it spreads evenly to the skin.

Tightens skin and correct wrinkles: Hazelnut oil has astringent properties and useful in skin tightening. It is low in saturated fatty acids.

Olive oil has been widely used as ‘wrinkle cream’ around edges of eyes by Mediterranean women.

Great Anti-Oxidants: Coconut oil fractionated is extremely rich in antioxidants [24] due to the presence of Capric acid and Caprylic acid [25]; it absorbs in skin quickly and is long-lasting.

Sunflower oil contains Vitamin E hence keeps the skin healthy and locks moisture well in it.

Rejuvenates skin and makes it youthful: Kukui nut oil is excellent for skin conditioning after exposure to the sun. Jasmine oil is an absolute oil great for skin conditioning. [26]

Induce cell repairing, reduce pigmentation and spots and are helpful in decreasing wrinkles: Galbanum essential oil helps smooth wrinkles and extensively used in anti-aging products for skin toning.[27]

Best Essential Oils for Youthful Skin

Essential oils are rich in antioxidant properties; they contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E that is important for skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration. [28] [29]

They especially aid in scar and spot reduction by working on melanin.

Cardamom essential oil has bioactive antioxidant properties and thus can protect skin from a free radical reaction in the skin. [30]

Rose essential oil works best for mature skin rejuvenation. It is used in skin care and wrinkles.

1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The carrot seed oil has skin repairing properties and used in skincare formulas.

It has high B-carotene (preformed Vitamin A) content which can induce biosynthesis of collagen.

Retinol (Vitamin A) is an anti-aging compound and shown to reduce UV induced skin aging.[31]

Carrot seed oil is extensively used in wrinkle and anti-aging creams.

It is useful for damaged and mature skin and replenishes, rejuvenates skin. It also tones and soothes skin.

It has an antioxidant property.[32] Carrot oil is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Best way to use: useful in a blend with a base/ carrier oil.

2. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is obtained from resin from a shrub with white or pale pink flowers. It has a warm and fresh aroma.

It is primarily used for skin pigmentation and scars and effective for age spots. [33] This is safe oil with no contraindications and abundant antioxidant properties.

Best way to use: It is useful in aromatherapy baths and inhalations.

3. Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage is a medicinal plant that helps tighten the skin due to its astringent properties. It is extracted from flowers and flowering tips.

Clary sage essential oil is rich in polyphenols thereby showing high antioxidant activity. [34] [35] [36]

Best way to use: Used in aromatherapy (baths) as well as topically taken

4. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

The oil is obtained from the rind of fruits. It has a fresh and sweet aroma. The oil is great in collagen formation.

It is effective for wrinkle management. It is rich in Vitamin C which is an antioxidant

Best way to use: Topical use in ointments and aromatherapy in baths

5. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is a bushy herb in the mint family. The oil is soothing and astringent for skin thus providing it elasticity, hence anti-aging.

Its constituent is cellulite that acts as a fixative for wrinkles.

The oil is extracted from dried leaves and dried flowering herb. It regenerates skin tissue and corrects scar.

It is of gentle nature and helps with wrinkles and aging skin.

Best way to use: Topically and in aromatherapy (baths), prohibited for oral use.

6. Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli oil is obtained from blossoms, it grows white fragrant flowers. The oil is completely safe to use and rich in vitamin C.

It is also known as sweet orange essential oil.

It is of immense importance to skincare; it rejuvenates and regenerates new cells. The oil helps is helpful in stretch marks, scarring and age spots.

Best way to use: topical use, massage

7. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is extracted from fresh peels having oil glands. It is astringent in nature and improves skin tightening.

It is storehouse in vitamin C and abundant in antioxidants [37], it is also rich in functional compound Lem1 that protects skin aging. [38]

It aids in dispersing cellulite in the skin and prevent wrinkles.One should avoid immediate skin exposure after use due to the phototoxic activity of this oil.

Best way to use:  It can be used topically in lotions or aromatherapy in baths and diffuser.

Best Carrier Oils

It is indispensable to use a dilution of essential oils as only a few drops can yield maximum health benefits. [39]

Carrier oils are medium by which we can increase the effectiveness of essential oils. These oils have their own added benefits.

Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and useful for prematurely aged skin and can be used as base oil.

Wheat germ oil can also be used. Jojoba oil rich in protein and minerals contain collagen-like waxy substance useful in increasing skin elasticity. [40]

Precautions While Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are beneficial but also come with precautions. They are not recommended for children below age 5 and pregnant women. [41]

Oral precautions: The amount of ingested should be monitored. Severity leads to mucosal irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, and convulsions.

On exposure rinse mouth with water, keep airways open; lie down on the side with your head lower than the body.

Topical precautions: It can cause irritation, allergic reaction, and sensitivity especially on using undiluted oils. Contact with eyes can cause reddening.

On exposure wash skin with water for 10 minutes, and exposed to air to let remaining essential oil evaporate.

Lukewarm bath help soothe skin reactions. Rinse eyes for 15 minutes on contact.

Aromatherapy precautions: When administered nasally by inhaling, sign and symptoms of airway irritation are likely to occur. Fresh air can be helpful, otherwise, seek medical aid.

Final Words

Essential oil extract has long been used for skin care, they not only make skin glow but also rejuvenates and promote cell growth and act as a natural anti-aging fighter.

They have antioxidants and astringents that act as a barrier to oxidation of skin cells.

Their easy application techniques will make your skin wrinkle less and protects you from premature aging.

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