Best Essential Oils for Energy & How to Use Them

Quick Answer: Best Essential Oils for Energy

  1. Basil Essential Oil
  2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  3. Frankincense Essential Oil
  4. Ginger Essential Oil
  5. Grapefruit Essential Oil
  6. Lavender Essential Oil
  7. Lemon Essential Oil
  8. Orange Essential Oil
  9. Peppermint Essential Oil
  10. Rosemary Essential Oil
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Energy is defined as vigor, strength, and power to do work. It is fuel for everyday living.

Energy is required for health, wellness, development, and livelihood. [1]

Energy balance, when maintained for a long time, makes the individual in a steady state.

This energy requirement is fulfilled by the food we eat. Food provides us with the energy needed to work and psyche satiety. [2]

Maintaining a steady energy level is also an indicator of good physical and mental health. [3]

Causes of exhaustion or energy drain are hunger, low physical activity or exercise [4], anxiety, emotional stress, anger, fear, sleepless, overburden work deadlines (professional commitments), dehydration, low oxygen uptake and intake of HFSS (high fat, salt, sugar) foods. [5] [6]

Symptoms of energy drain are aching muscles, weary, tired, lack of interest in activities, hard to concentrate on a task, irritable, low patience levels, and lack of motivation, feeling depressed, and frustration. [7]

Essential oils have energy specific characteristics that enhance their potency to cure.

Even their stimulation properties are based on their chemical structures which resemble actual body hormones.[8]

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds steam distilled or cold compressed from plant parts.

They are lipophilic and have low molecular weight.

These oils are mixtures of volatile compounds containing hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ethers, ketones, phenols, and terpenes.

They are extracted from petals, leaves, twigs, seeds, needles, wood, and rind of fruits, resin, roots, bark and stems of plants.

They are used to treat ‘whatever ails you’. Their beneficial use includes mental, physical, cosmetic, emotional or spiritual aspects.

Their therapeutic use includes aromatherapy (vapor inhalation, diffusion or bath), topical use on skin as ointments, creams. They can be taken orally as gelatin capsules or honey.

How Essential Oils Help Revive Energy of Mind and Body

Essential oils revitalize and rejuvenate the body.

When used as air diffusers or massage oils, their aroma is enough to soothe and invigorate the mind, body, and soul.

Physically too these oils refresh senses, gives us energy, uplifts our mood and gives us the motivation to work again.

After a therapy session or even a bath at home using an oil blend will make you feel the change and will be more happy and content.

These oils give you the power to focus and concentrate again.

They alleviate stress, anxiety, lethargy or fatigue and give the boost to tackle situations in a more optimistic way.

Bergamot oil has a soothing, calming effect on the body. It energizes and uplifts the spirit.

Cinnamon leaf Oil imbibes reviving, exhilarating feelings in the person. The oil warms the body and fills positive energy in the soul.

Cinnamon reduces fatigue and increases alertness in person. [9]

Geranium Oil combats mental fatigue due to stress and overwork. It balances the energy flow of the body physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mandarin Oil has revitalizing, strengthening effects on body and mind. The oil boosts energy in a person.

It is advisable to use them instead of unnatural and synthetic products, coffee addiction, energy drinks and injections available in the market.

Research shows a warm bath boosts serotonin levels, cleanse and detoxify the body and entire energy system. [10]

Even the aromatherapist agrees that synthetic odor does not match the natural and vital energy of essential oils. [11]

Keep reading below to know about what essential oils have in store for us and how their use can bring the energetic change you desire!

Best Essential Oils to Rejuvenate Mind and Body

Essential oils are known to ward off lethargy, weariness and give you the boost to hop to work again.

They relieve us from tension, depression, and negativity and fill us with positive vibes.

The essential oils listed below will make you feel more motivated and productive to work throughout the day.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil oil is steam distilled from dark green ovate leaves of an annual tender herb. The aroma is penetrating, refreshing and herbal.

The oil is one of the best remedies. It recoups the energy reserves lost from long time illness.

The oil counters long time exhaustion and is a good tonic to fill energy stores of the body. It clears the head, relieves mental fatigue [12] and gives strength to the mind.

A study showed its effectiveness, by a significant decrease in the frequent feeling of exhaustion among subjects. [13]

The oil is great to use to ward off mental tiredness; it alleviates fatigue and speeds up thinking and decisive power.

It is a mental stimulant and helps to counter depression and lethargy.

It is a stimulant for the adrenal cortex and helps during adrenaline rush and fulfills your energy requirements.

Best way to use: Administered using steam inhalation, diffuser, vaporizer or massage blend.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is one of those oils whose potency increases on aging. The oil is extracted from leaves and young twigs of the tall evergreen plant.

It has a penetrating and refreshing fragrance and yellow tinge with aging.

The oil is remedial for mental exhaustion, emotional constriction. It uplifts the spirit and purifies the body.

The fragrance of the oil is a good psychic cleanser and removes negative energy from the home. It helps the mind to focus and concentrate.

Never ingest even a small amount of oil, as it can be highly fatal and death causing.

Best way to use: Extensive use in steam inhalation, vaporizer or diffuser for rooms, bath blends

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is steam distilled from resin extracted from the pinnate-leaved tree. It has a warm, fresh and rich aroma.

The oil boosts energy and develops courage and emotional strength. It eliminates anxiety, nervousness, and tension in the person.

It relieves the body and mind from stress and tension and increases positive energy inflow.

Best way to use: This oil has no noted contraindications; hence it can be used in steam inhalation, bath blend.

Balancing and refreshing bath blend: Lemon oil (2 drops), Rosewood oil (3 drops), Bergamot oil (3 drops), Frankincense oil (2 drops) in 500ml sea salt.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil is steam distilled from the dried ground root of the perennial herb. It has a pungent, spicy and minty aroma. It has a pale yellow color.

The oil has a warming action on the body. It is good for emotional stability and the sharpening of senses.

Best way to use: Used topically and in bath blends.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil is cold expressed from the peel of the fruit and it is large yellow in color.

The oil is beneficial to remove mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, stress, and tension relief to uplift and energize the body with positivity.

A blend of grapefruit and peppermint oil is therapeutic for symptoms of tiredness.

Best way to use: The oil is used topically in the message and in bath oils.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is extracted from flowering tops from an aromatic green woody shrub. It has a sweet, floral scent.

The oil stands high among all kinds of essential oil. Its benefits include balancing and normalizing body functions.

It is known to activate pineal gland in the brain regulating sleep pattern.

The oil works to induce a regulated sleep pattern, energy and freshness. The study reports it reduces anxiety and stress among participants. [14]

The oil controls hyperactivity and relieves from insomnia thus relaxing and saving energy.

Best way to use: topical ointments, massage in abdomen and back and bath blends.

Bath blend: Lavender oil (5 drops), Ylang -Ylang oil (2 drops), Rose absolute or otto oil (2 drops). Add this to warm water.

Massage oil: Take 15 ml base oil and Roman Chamomile (2 drops), Lavender oil (5 drops), Ylang -Ylang oil (2 drops), Rose absolute or otto oil (2 drops).

Blend for bath or massage (tiredness): Lemon oil (10 drops), Lavender oil (15 drops), Clary sage (5 drops).

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is cold compressed from fresh peels of oval yellow ripened fruit. It has light, fresh and citrus scent.

A blend of citrus oils like lemon, mandarin, woody oils like Rose, Rosewood, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium and flower oils like Roman chamomile and Jasmine [15] is called a joy blend as it uplifts magnetic energy in person.

It is good for heart, infuses happiness [16], calms emotions, refreshing and balances the body. It improves concentration.

Lemon oil bath is extremely recommended for relieving physical exhaustion and mental fatigue. [17]

A study reported inhalation of lavender oil made the subjects fresh; active, relaxed and also increased their brain activities. [18]

Best way to use: lemon oil bath blends, in lotions and massage blends, room diffuser

Massage blend: Rosemary oil (3 drops), Lemon oil (3 drops), Eucalyptus oil (2 drops). Add this blend to a carrier oil such as sweet almond, jojoba, grape seed oil (30 ml)

Dehydration blend: Bottled water (approx 1 L), Sugar 8 teaspoons, Salt ½ teaspoon, Lemon essential oil 8 drops, intake of this must be in the 4-5 glass.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange (blood) essential oil is cold pressed from leaves and end-branches of an evergreen tree.

It has red-blood-like tinge and sweet, rich fragrance.

It balances emotions [19], increases concentration and gives energy to the body.

A study on the mice model showed passive inhalation of orange oil for 40 minutes reduces fear and stress. [20]

Best way to use: Administered in baths and lotions, creams.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is steam distilled from reddish and violet flowering herb. It has a greenish tinge and penetrating aroma.

Peppermint oil is an energy booster when inhaled before or during a workout, it boosts mood and reduce fatigue.

The oil is excellent in treating mental fatigue,[21] helps in fainting condition by giving energy to the body.

It is a vasodilator, thus opening vessels and increasing blood flow and therefore increases oxygen levels of the body.

The oil is cooling and stimulating. Peppermint oil has bold, refreshing and energizing action on the body. [22]

A study reported increased energy and power to exercise and time to exhaustion increased in males. They consumed 500ml water containing 0.05 ml of peppermint oil. [23]

Best way to use: Diffuser, topical application, bath blends.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is steam distilled from pale blue flowering tops of a shrub. It is strongly aromatic of minty, strong and fresh scent. It has a pale yellow tinge.

The oil protects and creates an ambiance that wards off negativity. The oil is comforting, balancing and invigorating.

The oil is a stimulant for the adrenal cortex (giving energy for adrenal rush) and increases circulation which increases oxygen uptake and increases energy to do work in the body.  [24]

Rosemary oil increased activeness and fresh feeling among participants. [25]

Best way to use: it can be used in a diffuser, topical application, and baths.

Bath blend: Rosemary oil (3 drops), Lemon oil (3 drops), Eucalyptus oil (2 drops). Add these oils directly to warm water and mix well.

Considerations When Using Essential Oil

Essential oils are highly potent and concentrated. The use of a few drops is sufficient for therapeutic remedy.

Their use is not recommended for children under the age of 5 and in pregnancy especially for the first trimester as an essential oil can lead to abortions (ketones).

Avoid using them near eyes, inner ear, open wounds, genitals, and mucous membranes as they become irritated.

Some oils like bergamot and other citrus essential oil can make your skin photosensitive, so try to avoid sun exposure after their use.

Essential oils should be stored in tightly closed bottles and stored in a cool location away from light. When stored properly, essential oils will maintain their potency for many years.

Final Words

Energy drain is a common condition that we all face at some point in time.

It can affect us physically, mentally or emotionally. We may not even feel to do any work.

Essential oils are great remedies to use along with a diffuser or vaporizer or even in a relaxing bath to rejuvenate and stimulate you.

These oils are capable to revitalize and make you active enough to start your daily routine once again.

They stimulate brain function, enhance hormonal secretion and increase blood circulation in the body.

So if you are feeling like a TIME-OUT, don't switch off your power buttons so soon, instead, go for essential oil therapy to fuel yourself for the remaining day.

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