Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Review

Stretch mark is the term used for marks on skin by the dermatologists when the dermis is torn and often results in the stretching of the skin.

The stretch marks are often caused due to the rapid weight gain that is often associated to either during pregnancy or during the time of obesity.

There are many creams available in the market which claim to help with stretch marks and one such popular one is Mederma stretch mark therapy.

The product is made and marketed by Merz Pharmaceuticals of Frankfurt, Germany. The company specializes in making OTC creams for treating scar marks. The product has received good response from many users who have used it.

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy

Based on the reviews by users and claims by the producer of the cream we can say that Mederma stretch mark therapy works extensively on the skin to lower the appearance of stretch marks and improve the look of the skin.

It acts as the nourishing cream as it is loaded with skin hydrating ingredients that makes its formulation a fine blend.

  • Dimethiconemederma stretch mark therapy review
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Cepalin, a popular botanical extract
  • The extract of the Centella asiatica plant

The cream is paraben free and the continuous application of the product for a considerable period (of around twelve weeks) one might achieve decent improvement in the stretch marks on the skin. This can make the exposed parts appear presentable than before.

The extensive study and the research done regarding the effectiveness of this product on various women consumers who have effectively chosen this therapy in the market have replied favouring the positive results offered by Mederma stretch mark therapy.

Directions to use the Mederma stretch mark therapy

You just have to take a generous amount of cream to apply it on the desired parts. It is advised to apply the cream twice a day on the affected areas of the body.

The application of this cream should be as a gently massage in the circular motion to all the affected areas until it is fully absorbed.

The application is advised to be followed for around twelve weeks to experience result out of this cream .

The generous application gets the skin to pliable and the anticipated results can finally be noticed after the period of twelve weeks.

One needs to very patient and persistence while applying this product in the affected areas as due to the late visibility of the effectiveness people often come to the early conclusion of the product being ineffective.

Precautions with Mederma stretch mark therapy

The positive aspect about this stretch mark removal cream is that there are no serious side effects associated with it. Some might experience mild skin irritations if they have allergic skin. However, it is safe to follow some common precautions that are discussed below:

  • The product is advised to be applied to the external places of the body and is not for internal use.
  • While applying the product it is advised to take extra care that it does not come in contact with your eyes as it may cause irritation and might damage the eyes too.
  • If the consumers while applying the cream finds any irritation on the skin while using the product are advised to visit the doctor. If the doctor suggests stopping the usage of the product one must strictly follow it immediately.
  • The cream is advised not to be used on the open wounds or the animal bites as this may lead to infection. For serious burns, it must be applied only on prescription or advice of the doctor.
  • This product is guided to be used only by the adults. The children usages are strictly prohibited and if swallowed one must at once get the medical aid in order to get rid of the adverse effects of the product.


The Mederma stretch mark therapy is advisable to keep you free of stretch mark especially on the exposed areas of your body that may spoil the way you look.

When applied with the right quantity and for the recommended time period, you are likely to get favorable results. This product is recommended not only for women but also for men too.

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