Benefits of Wheatgrass in Menstruation

Menstruation is the monthly bleeding that women have.

During menstruation, the body sheds the uterus lining. Menstrual blood passes through the uterus, cervix and out of the vagina. Normally menstrual periods last for 3-5 days.

It is important that women experience the menstrual cycle (when menstruation occurs) regularly. This is an indication that the woman is healthy.

Menstrual cycle is also used prepare the body for pregnancy and is used to count the number of days to delivery.

Menstrual cycles should occur between 21-45 days in teenagers and 21-35 days in adults with the average being 28 days.

Depending on how a woman bleeds during menstruation, her cycle can be termed mild, moderate or heavy.

About Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is propounded as a dietary supplement and is got by harvesting the young wheat plant. Many nutritionists suggest the consumption of small quantities of wheatgrass daily to treat various ailments.

This could be mild conditions like cold, cough, constipation, wounds and cuts or fever or more serious once like cancer, diabetes, anemia, ulcerative colitis or AIDS.

Wheatgrass is full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium and chlorophyll. Wheatgrass juice is the most commonly used form although those who find the taste unpalatable can take tablets, capsules or powder supplements.

Wheatgrass for Menstruation

The multitude of nutrients found in wheatgrass stimulates the production of red blood cells and improves the health of blood.

Wheatgrass is said to flush out the blood clots and regulate menstrual bleeding. Since it has detoxifying properties, it can reduce the smell of menstrual blood.

Women, who are malnourished, can suffer from irregular menstrual cycles.

If these women take a wheatgrass supplement, it could improve the number of nutrients found in the body.

Since a large percentage (70%) of wheatgrass comprises of chlorophyll, it mimics the actions of hemoglobin in the body. this could help regulate menstrual cycles of malnourished women.

Consuming wheatgrass can increase RBC count and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding that causes anemia.

The negative effects of heavy bleeding can be countered by the folic acid, vitamin B12 and chlorophyll content in wheatgrass.

When women take wheatgrass for menstruation for the first time, they can experience some negative reaction until their body gets used to it.

These could be an aggravation of PMS symptoms due to the inflammatory properties that wheatgrass has, drop in blood pressure, increased blood circulation, expansion of blood vessels and heavier than normal bleeding.

Since wheatgrass has detoxifying properties, it flushes and cleanses the uterus of excess blood clots.

This, in turn, adds to the increased blood loss.

All these are temporary flare-ups and will ease once the body gets used to wheatgrass.

During detoxification, blood odor can increase and this will disappear after a few weeks.

One mother says that her daughter had irregular periods and she started adding frozen wheatgrass daily in her smoothie.

She says her daughter’s periods became regular after this.


While wheatgrass is beneficial it should not be considered as substitute regular treatment for menstruation-related issues.

In some cases, excess of wheatgrass can cause nausea, hives, headache or swelling of the throat.

If it is consumed raw and not cleaned or pasteurized it could cause mold or bacterial infections.

Those who have celiac disease, grass or wheat allergies, gluten intolerance or are pregnant or nursing must not take wheatgrass.

Consult your doctors before taking this herbal supplement. Used sensibly, wheatgrass provides an interesting and beneficial addition to your diet.

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  1. very good information! I have heavy bleeding due to a mioma. I intend to apply juice directly in the vagina and drink juice too, but I´m a little afraid of the "inflammatory properties"....


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