15 Worst Foods For Your Weight Loss Efforts

The foods we eat have a major effect on our health and weight.

Eating foods that tend to increase hunger and the fat content of the body, lead to weight gain and other metabolic disorders and diseases.

To lose weight or to obtain a healthy body weight, one has to keep an eye on what and how much one eats.

There are certain foods that help in losing weight.

They increase satiety levels and make you eat less. Also, some foods provide nutrition without affecting the fat levels in the body.

These foods are favored for a weight loss regime.

However, there are other foods which load your body with excess calories and interfere with your weight loss goals.

They increase hunger and cravings, and you end up eating more than required.

Also, processed and refined foods are unhealthy and increase the body weight. These foods are considered bad for weight loss.

15 Foods to Avoid when Going for Weight Loss

An optimum weight loss diet involves foods rich in proteins and fiber and low on carbohydrates and fats.

Below mentioned are 15 foods which are bad for weight loss and should be avoided to control weight.

1. White bread

White bread is prepared from refined wheat flour which contains a lot of carbohydrates and very low amount of fiber.

Thus it increases your calorie intake and leads to fat accumulation in the body.

Foods prepared from refined flour have a high glycemic index (GI). This means that they have a high chance of increasing the blood glucose level.

Also, these foods are known to promote hunger and overeating.

This is because of their low-fiber content which does not bring about the feeling of fullness, and one is more likely to consume more food while eating white bread.

In a study conducted on 9267 young persons for five years examined the effect of bread consumption on weight. It was found that consumption of white bread increased the risk of obesity.

What does this mean? White bread leads to weight gain and is not suitable for weight loss.

2. Readymade fruit juices

Fruit juice consumption is considered unsuitable for losing weight because, in addition to the high sugar content, they are also devoid of any fiber, as obtained from whole fruits.

Therefore, they will not help in filling up the stomach and lead to increased food intake.

Also, fruit juices available commercially have added sugars like fructose, which are extra calories consumed.

Thus, compared to fruit juices, it is healthier to consume whole fruits and that too in moderate quantity.

What does this mean? Fruit juices, due to their high-sugar and low-fiber content are not recommended for weight loss. Instead, whole fruits should be eaten in moderate amounts.

3. Chips and French Fries

Chips and French fries made from potato have a high calorific value. Potato is a starchy vegetable which has a high-carbohydrate content.

Also, they are fried and contain fats. Eating them is unhealthy and not good for weight loss.

Fries and chips, whether baked, roasted or fried are processed foods and contain carcinogenic elements.

In studies, processed foods are also directly associated with weight gain.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the effect of dietary patterns on weight was analyzed, and it was found that consumption of potato chips led to an increase in weight.

What does this mean? Chips and French fries are unhealthy foods, whose intake can increase the carbohydrate and fat content of the body, and subsequently, lead to weight gain.

worst foods for weight loss efforts

4. Sweet beverages soda

Beverages and soft drinks like soda, cola, and fruit-flavored drinks contain lots of added sugar in the form of fructose.

They are very high in calories and lead to weight gain.

Calories in the form of liquids do not help in promoting satiety and increase the intake of other foods.

Drinking sweet beverages have found to increase the BMI and body weight in both adults and children.

Also, they are known to increase the risk of other metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity and even cancer.

What does this mean? Drinking sugary drinks and beverages is harmful to health and results in weight gain.

5. Fast food: Pizza and burgers

These foods are quite popular and also the main reason for weight gain among many people around the world.

Pizza bread and burger buns are made from refined flour, which is devoid of healthy fiber.

They contain lots of fats in the form of cheese and other oils. Also, the meat used in these foods is processed and not very healthy.

They are the source of the two main culprits causing weight loss- high-carbs and fats.

Homemade pizza and burgers with healthier ingredients can be consumed.

What does this mean? One should avoid consuming pizzas and burgers to help in weight loss.

6. Chocolates and candy

Chocolates and candies are quite tempting, but they bring along a lot of calories.

They usually consist of ingredients made from refined flour and fats.

They also have lots of sugar and are extremely unhealthy and non-nutritious.

Intake of these foods means adding more calories to your body which is detrimental to your weight loss plans.

As they do not have any health benefits, their consumption should be restricted.

Instead, one could opt for dark chocolate or sugar-free candies. Dark chocolate has many antioxidants and is healthier as compared to milk chocolates.

What does this mean? Weight loss can get adversely affected by consuming common chocolates and candies. Instead, dark chocolate can be taken in small amounts.

7. Cakes and pastries

Refined flour, sugar, and cream are the main ingredients that makeup cakes and pastries. They contain nothing more than carbs and fats.

Apart from increasing body weight, eating these foods can lead to metabolic disorders by elevating the levels of blood glucose and disrupting the lipid profile.

They also increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Cakes and pastries are the major source of total fats and saturated fatty acids and should be avoided.

What does this mean? When aiming for weight loss, cakes and pastries should be avoided.

8. Ice cream

Ice cream is usually prepared from full-fat milk, cream, and sugar, which are high in carbs and fats. These nutrients are likely to be stored by the body in the form of fats and result in weight gain.

Adding other ingredients like nuts, jellies, and fruits only lead to much more calorie intake.

Ice cream should be consumed in lesser amounts or avoided completely for losing weight.

What does this mean? Eating ice cream leads to more calorie intake and should be consumed in very small servings.

9. Alcohol

Some alcoholic beverages like a beer can increase body weight while others like wine do not affect the weight adversely.

It is important to keep in mind some alcoholic drinks consumed as it can lead to weight gain.

Low to moderate consumption has been related to weight gain by high consumption of alcohol can lead to an increase in the weight of certain individuals.

In a study, high and moderate consumption of beer and spirits have been associated with increased waist circumference, but wine has the reverse effect.

What does this mean? Alcohol consumption may be beneficial in small amounts, but high consumption may lead to gain weight gain.

10. Commercially prepared Coffee drinks and tea

Various types of coffee drinks available at café contain added sugar and cream that nullify the effect of the caffeine in coffee, which is relatively healthy.

Another widely consumed drink is tea which is available in several forms like green tea, black tea, and flavored tea.

But the addition of lots of sugar and milk to tea increases the calorie content and makes the weight loss program ineffective.

These drinks, with added sugar, cream and milk contribute to increased body weight as the large amounts of sugars and fats from these foods get deposited in the body.

What does this mean? Coffee drinks and tea are only suitable to consume when sugar, cream or milk is not added to them.

11. Cereals

Cereals consumed during breakfast like corn flakes and oatmeal are rich in carbohydrates. Also, they are usually consumed with milk and sugar which means that more calories are taken in with every serving.

Carbohydrates get converted to glucose which increases the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone which regulates the level of glucose in the body and directs the extra glucose for storage in the form of fats.

Thus consuming cereals high in carbohydrates can increase weight and body fats.

What does this mean? Cereals are high-carb foods which can lead to weight gain.

12. Whole milk

Milk is a nutritious and complete food which consists of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

But for persons who want to lose weight, even milk should be consumed in moderation.

This is because of the fat content of whole milk. Whole milk contains about 3.25% fats, which can get converted and stored as body fat upon consumption.

This effect depends on several other factors, and through studies, it is not clear if dairy fat increases or decreases the risk of obesity.

However, milk and dairy consumption are associated with increased waist circumference.

However, intake of low-fat milk or skim milk is a better option to obtain all other nutrients from milk except fats.

What does this mean? Whole milk comes with lots of fats which is bad for weight loss and should be substituted with low-fat or skimmed milk.

13. Smoothies

Smoothies are prepared using milk, fruits, and sugar. All these ingredients contain carbohydrates in considerable amounts.

Milk also contains fats which can increase the content of body fat.

Milk and fruits are not bad if consumed in limited quantities, and the same goes for smoothies.

For weight loss, one should limit any extra calories, and smoothies contain both fats and carbs.

Smoothies with added sugars can be worse for losing weight.

What does this mean? Consuming smoothies in small amounts may have some benefits, but increased intake is bad for weight management.

14. Rice

Rice is a whole grain food consumed as a staple in many countries. It is rich in carbohydrates and overconsumption leads to weight gain.

As with many weight loss programs, carbohydrate intake should be limited as it is the main calorie source and causes deposition of fats in body tissues.

Small servings of rice are recommended.

What does this mean? Rice consumption should be restricted to small quantities when on a weight loss diet.

15. Noodles and pasta

Noodles and pasta are usually prepared from refined flour which is high-carb and low-fiber food.

They can also be prepared from rice or other grains, but it still has significant amounts of carbs.

Noodles and pasta made from whole grains may be considered healthier because of fiber content, but it does not lower the carbohydrate quantity.

Therefore, they can increase body weight.

What does this mean? Carbohydrate-rich pasta and noodles are not good for people who want to lose weight.


Any changes in the diet should be first consulted with a physician or nutritionist.

People with other medical conditions or health complications should also discuss the diet changes with a doctor.

Restricting certain foods like carbohydrates and fats can result in nausea, fatigue, headaches or even deficiency of certain nutrients.

In the end..

Foods high in carbohydrates and fats are bad for weight loss.

They increase your calorie intake and lead to fat accumulation in the body.

Processed and refined foods are also rich in these nutrients and should be avoided by persons having weight loss goals.

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