“You can’t judge the book by the cover” is the perfect lines that reflect the nature of chia seeds. You can’t enquire the power of chia seeds just due to its small size. These are not just small seeds,but have bunch of nutrition power in it.

Due to its nutritional qualities chia seeds become popular day by day in whole world. That is why, today they are recognized as “super food”. ‘Chia’ word is derived from Mayan language which means ‘strength’.

Chia seeds are the small, multicolored (generally black, white, grey), having varied texture seeds obtained from a mint family plant chia (Salvia hispanica). This chia plants are mainly grown in Mexico.

These are popular from the time of Aztec and Mayan civilization. These people use chia seeds as a fuel. In that time, it is popularly known as “Runner’s seeds” because of its power pack of energy.

Nutritional profile of chia seeds contain high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Also chia seeds are gluten free. It also exhibits antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory property.

Thus, due to these properties chia seeds are becoming popular day by day.

12 Science Backed Health Benefits of Chia seeds

The health benefits of chia seeds are mainly due to its nutritional profile. It has amazing nutritional profile having all necessary element for the development, growth and maintenance of body. Different benefits of chia seeds are:

1. Chia seeds pack a lot of nutrition in small doses

Chia seeds are the richest source of omega- 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds also have 25-30% extractable oil, including α–linolenic acid. These fats contain 55% omega-3, 18% omrga-6, 6% omega-9 and 10% saturated fats.

It is also rich on protein. Mainly all necessary vitamins and minerals are found in chia seeds. Main nutritional profile (amounts per 1 tablespoon) of chia seeds is:
• Calories – 69
• Protein –2g
• Potassium – 58mg, 2% DRV
• Dietary fiber – 5g, 20% DRV
• Calcium – 9% DRV
• Thiamin – 8% DRV
• Phosphorus – 17% DRV
• Niacin – 9% DRV
• Zinc – 8% DRV
• Magnesium – 15% DRV

Thus chia seeds are rich in nutrients. These also have antioxidant, wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Thus due to high nutritious value it is very beneficial.

2. Chia seeds controls blood sugar levels in diabetes

Chia seeds reduce absorption of sugar from blood.Both types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fibers are found in chia seeds. These fibers help in slow down the conversion of food into sugar. Thus lower the blood sugar.

Diabetes is the result of insulin resistance. Chia seeds also prevent diabetes. A study on human showed that chia seeds help to prevent diabetes by preventing chronic inflammation and normalizing blood pressure.

Chia seeds also help in reducing C-reactive protein (indicator of inflammation in arteries) and systolic blood pressure.

Both the grounded as well as whole chia seeds are beneficial for curing the diabetes.

3. Chia seeds are great for heart health

Proteins, omega-3 fatty acid, minerals, fibers and vitamins found in chia seeds are good for our heart.

Fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K are easily taken up by the body due to presence of high linolenic and fatty acids in chia seeds, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Chia seeds protect heart by redistribution fats. Chia seeds help in accumulating fats in heart, it lower the blood pressure, lower inflammation and regulate the blood sugar . So plays an important role in protect our heart from different diseases.

Alpha linolenic acids found of chia seeds are good for cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases).

4. Chia seeds lower blood pressure

Different studies showed that chia seeds prevent the elevation of systolic blood pressure. Thus chia seeds also play an important role in balancing blood pressure.

5. Chia seeds protect liver

Chia seeds also protect liver from various diseases like steatosis, steatohepatitis and lipotoxicity.

Steatosis (fatty liver) is a condition in which liver become fatty i.e. more fat is deposited in liver. When there is inflammation in the liver then this condition is known as steatohepatitis. When fats accumulate in non-adipose tissues like liver, heart, kidneys etc., then this condition is known as lipotoxicity.

In a study on animals, it was seen that chia seeds prevent liver steatosis by inhibiting accumulation of lipids in the liver.

Also, chia seeds protect liver by normalizing the activity of different enzymes of liver. Thus in this way chia seeds protect liver.

6. Chia seeds reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome

Chia seeds reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome by reducing fats in blood, C-reactive protein and insulin level of blood. Also chia seeds prevent obesity and disease derived from obesity.

Thus chia seeds prevent the risk of metabolic syndrome.

7. Chia seeds protect against cancer

Some studies also showed that chia seeds prevent metastasis. Thus chia seeds also play an important role preventing cancer.

8. Chia seeds boost energy

Chia seeds also help in boosting energy. Due to it’s this property, chia seeds are used by sport persons. As chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acid and other fatty acids so it provides lot of nutrients in smaller packages by weight .

Also chia seeds are rich source of protein, mineral and vitamins. Also, chia seeds stabilize good cholesterol in body.
Thus chia seeds are the energy boosting pack.

9. Chia seeds boost antioxidant defenses

The state in which imbalance is created between free radicals and power of the body to fight with these free radicals will generate oxidative stress. Antioxidant property of chia seeds help to reduce the production of free radicals.

It also contributed toward the anti-aging factor. Oxidative stress can also lead to insulin resistance.

Study reveals that chia seeds prevent oxidative stress of adipose tissue that are generate after eating of sucrose rich diet.

Also, phenolic compounds and minerals present in chia seeds show antioxidant property. Thus chia seeds are beneficial in reducing the risk of oxidative stress.

10. Chia seeds reduce inflammation

Chia seeds also exhibits anti-inflammatory property. Due to its property, it resists many diseases link with metabolic syndrome.

Different studies revealed the anti-inflammatory property of chia seeds. Chia seeds help in reducing the inflammation by its bioactive compounds. It regulates the immune system as it have sufficient amount of zinc .

Thus chia seeds are beneficial to prevent the risk of metabolic syndrome due to its anti-inflammatory property.

11. Chia seeds are a gluten free source

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Some people develop intolerance to gluten and suffering from gluten intolerance disease.

Chia seeds are gluten free source. Thus the patient suffering from gluten intolerance disease can take chia seeds.

In recent study it was found that chia seed flour used to make bread that was free from gluten and had high protein, fiber and alpha linolenic content .

12. Chia seeds are calorie dense

Chia seeds are the dense source of calories. Theses calories help in boosting energy. Also, these calories of chia seeds are beneficial for pregnant and lactating women who require more calories.

These calories of chia seeds are from sugar free source. Thus chia seeds provide calories with protein and vitamin rich source.

These are the benefits of chia seeds. Chia seeds can be taken by any group of age. Even chia seeds are safe for pregnant and lactating women. It is the favorite supplement of sport persons. Also it prevents the risk of metabolic syndrome (like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease etc.).

Due to its huge benefits, people want to know different dishes and ways to eat chia seeds. So popularity of chia seeds is rising day by day.

10 Awesome & Easy Ways To Eat Chia Seeds

There are many different ways to take chia seeds. But in this article only 10 ways of eating chia seeds are mentioned. Due to its bundle of benefits people want to explore the idea of eating chia seeds. We can make chia seeds a part of our diet through following 10 ways:

1. Add chia seeds to pudding

The simplest way to make chia seeds a part of your food is by making pudding. By making pudding, we can add chia seeds in our breakfast. As chia seeds are the nutritious seeds so it can make your day, if you take it in your breakfast as pudding.

Making pudding from chia seeds is simple because of its expanding property. Chia seeds can absorb large amount of water or milk, when chia seeds are dipped in them.

This is the simplest way to take chia. For this we can mix chia seeds with milk. To add flavor you can also add honey, species or bit of any sweetener.

To make a good pudding, it is beneficial to mix chia seeds and milk in ratio 3:1.

2. Include chia seeds in toppings

You can add more taste to your food by using chia seeds in topping. For this you can mix chia seeds with yogurt. You can add seeds during eating or before eating. Both will give different taste.

Except this you can also sprinkle chia seeds on your toast or desserts. Also sprinkle chia seeds on your salad. This will also prevent constipation.

This will add crunchiness and texture to your food. Also, it makes your food more nutritious and healthy. As more people take concern about their body weight.

By adding chia seeds in topping of food, you are adding a rich source of fiber that can help in maintain body weight. It also provide sufficient amount of calories.

3. Add chia seeds in fruit juice

You can increase the consistency of fruit juice by adding chia seeds to them. This will also balance all nutrients of juice.

What does this mean?
Thus chia seeds not only give consistency and texture but also help in making nutritious juice.

4. Toss chia seeds on omelets

Another way to take chia seeds in breakfast is by adding chia seeds to omelets. For this add chia seeds to beaten eggs.
This is also the best way to take chia seeds.

This will not only give texture but also make your delicious lunch sandwiches. Also, chia breads are available in markets.

5. Bake breads with chia seeds

You can also take chia seeds by baking in bread. For this you can also add butter. You can also add sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds to chia seeds.

Awesome & Easy Ways To Eat Chia Seeds

6. Add chia to fish or meat

As chia seeds provide crunchiness and texture to your food. So it can also be added to your meat. Chia seeds provide crunchiness to chicken, fish and vegetables. So to boost the nutritional qualities of meat you can add chia to it.

7. Add chia tortillas and chapattis

Another way to use chia seeds is to add it in your tortillas or chapattis. For this you can mix wheat flour, flax meal and chia seeds. You can make dough in water as well as in coconut oil.

This will result in a more versatile and nutritious tortillas and chapattis. This dish has the ability to protect you from metabolic symptoms.

8. Brew chia tea

You can also use chia in making herbal tea. This tea is very beneficial as it contains antioxidants, proteins, fibers, essential fatty acids and vitamins. 1 tablespoon of chia seeds are enough for 16ounce cup of herbal tea.

9. Make chia based jams

chiaBy adding chia to jam, a different texture is provided to it. Even you can make your own jam with chia seeds. For this, you can add chia seeds, maple syrup or honey and cup of blueberries. Also you can make jam of peaches or plums.

Chia seeds give gelatinous nature to jam.

10. Use chia as a thickening agent

Chia seeds can act as thickening agent due to its water absorbing property. Thus you can add chia seeds to you soup or stew to give them proper thickness.

Thus this is beneficial to the people that are suffering from gluten intolerance disease (disease in which patient can’t ingest gluten). These people can’t take wheat flour and corn starch. So chia seeds are beneficial to use as these are free from gluten.

How much chia seeds to consume daily?

For adults daily intake of chia seeds is 18-20 g/day and postmenopausal women it is 25g/day. For pregnant and lactating women limit to 2 teaspoons of chia seeds.


Appropriate amount of everything is good, excess will always harm. Excess of chia can also lead to gastrointestinal problems, allergy or other health problems due to presence of excess of fibers, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. It is recommended to drink more water with chia seeds.


Chia seeds are the bunch of nutrients. There are many ways to eat chia seeds. Choose the way that is more beneficial to your body and suits your taste buds as well.



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