Amazing Benefits of Sea Salt for Treating Acne

Acne is a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads on the face and neck area which often causes redness and scarring.

There are several possible ways to tackle acne today. These include antibiotics, anti retinoid, Accutane, oral contraceptives and various other herbal and home remedies.

This article shall talk about one such remedy that of using sea salt to treat acne and other skin problems as well.

What is Sea salt?

Sea salt is also known as bay salt or solar salt is produced by the evaporation of seawater.

It serves the various health and cosmetic purposes and it has been greatly argued that the sea salt from the Dead Sea is most suited for our skin as it has a very high mineral content which facilitates better cleaning, detoxification and health restoration of the skin and muscles.

Its absorbing power is also good and it can easily absorb essential oils that can then be dissolved in water for a bath, thereby serving as a vehicle for those oils.

It also has bromine which naturally repairs the body and facilitates cell metabolism acting as a natural antibiotic.

How does Sea Salt Treat Acne?

Sea salt is not only exhibited antibacterial and astringent properties but also serves as an important source of nutrition.

It treats acne through the biological process of osmosis, creating a hypertonic environment which induces the liquid in which the acne bacteria is thriving to vent out of the bacteria thereby causing dehydration due to which the bacteria dies.

The astringent property, on the other hand, causes a tightening of the skin pores forcing the dead skin cells out thereby unclogging the pores and forcing the bacteria out.

Sea salt also has other minerals and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamin D which are all essential for the health of our skin as a whole and help in the regulation of various enzymes.

How to use Sea Salt for Acne

Sea salt mask for acne

For making a sea salt mask, the salt taken is dissolved in warm water. You can also put aloe vera gel into this liquid.

Then with the use of a dry towel, soak the salt water and put the towel on your face.

Repeat this a few times until the towel starts getting dry and then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Doing this will prevent acne inflammation and bring a glow to your face. In case of extreme dryness, you can follow up with a moisturizer.

Sea salt scrub for acne

In order to make a sea salt scrub we need to mix 1 cup of sea salt with half a cup of oil. The choice of oil depends on you.

Lavender oil can be a good choice as it helps in calming and relaxing the muscles of your skin.

This should then be mixed together to form a paste that can be gently massaged on the skin in circular motion for about 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

It helps towards exfoliation and cleansing of the body while the oil will not only calm the skin muscle but also make your skin smooth and supple.

Sea salt bath for acne

This is the easiest and most relaxing way of using sea salt. Simply mix approximately 2 cups of sea salt to your tub of warm water and soak in it for about 10 to 15 minutes.

It will help in opening up the pores of your skin and unclogging them while also relieving all your other body muscles

Sea salt with other combinations

Sea salt can be combined with other acne treating substances like tea tree oil or turmeric or lavender oil to receive better and more benefits. These natural remedies, when combined together, exhibit minimal side effects unless of course if you are allergic to it.

Benefits of Using Sea Salt

  • It is helpful in preventing infections and healing wounds quickly
  • It clears the nasal passageway
  • It works as a natural exfoliate. However, attention must be paid to the kind of salt you are using. It must not have sharp edges otherwise it might further damage your skin. Also, it should not be rubbed vigorously onto your skin but softly lest it makes your skin rough.
  • Taking a sea salt bath is also effective towards stress reduction and often brings you a good night’s sleep.
  • It functions as a natural detoxifier as the salts absorb the toxins from your skin
  • It also helps in increasing the circulation on your skin and charging up enzymes which will keep your skin not only glowing but also healthy.

Possible Issues and Precautions

  • The ingestion of sea salt can cause dehydration
  • The ingestion of sea salt can also alleviate your thyroid problems.
  • Sea salt might cause extreme dryness of the skin in case of which it is advisable that you use a moisturizer after that.


  • It is very important that before relying on this treatment completely, you must do a patch test to ensure that you have no allergic symptoms
  • If you are getting sea salt from the market, you must ensure that it has not been adulterated
  • Though the iodine content of sea salt is much like that of the table salt, the former might also contain traces of metallic residues as most of the industries sewages are thrown into the seas and oceans. So if you are collecting sea salt by yourself, be sure to choose a correct and clean location.

Customer review of Sea Salt for Acne

We did an online survey of consumers who have been using sea salt treatments to deal with their skin problems.

Here is a summary of what they liked and disliked about the treatment:

What they liked about it

Inexpensive: Sea salt is very easily and readily available and is quite inexpensive.

Many consumers who lived near the coastline did not have to buy sea salt at all. For them, it was a free gift of nature

Skin tone: Many consumers believed that not only was it helpful in reducing acne but also cleansed the skin making it smoother and dirt free and also lead to an even skin tone.

Time effective: The treatment is very time effective and for a lot of consumers showed results in 3 to 4 days. For a few of them, it also worked in a fortnight.

What they did not like about it

Sting: A few consumers were dreaded by the stingy feeling it caused when applied on the skin. Though this feeling is temporary and will reduce once your skin gets used to it.

Dryness: Sea salt is also known to cause a lot of drying of the skin which might also result in peeling.

It is generally advised that in cases of extreme dryness, you must follow the therapy with a moisturizing lotion.


Sea salt is one of the quickest and readily available remedies for treating your acne.

It has various other health benefits as well and is a holistic solution to your entire skin and muscles issues.

Salt is an essential part of our diet every day and thus its importance can be seen not only outwardly but also inwardly as it helps reduce stress and causes a betterment of our mental health.

This method is easy, quick and inexpensive and is definitely worth a try.

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